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IBS troubles

I have had IBS for over 6 years, more recently since having bereavements in the family I have been getting worse symptoms and I know that my anxiety isn't helping. I can never pass my bowel motions comfortably and always have the urge to go again afterwards with gurgling in my stomach/passage. I also have low energy levels and get bad headaches. Has anyone got these type of symptoms? I am trying so hard to change my diet/lifestyle but need time to fit everything in.

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Hi Catherine,

I thought this article might be of interest to you: sickofibs.com/ibs-symptoms/...

Hope something in there helps.


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Thanks Alison 🙂


Yes i get lethargic an headaches when my ibs flares up apparently headaches are caused by the ibs if u can resolve the stomach issues the headaches also resolve an the lethargy too, have u ever tried peppermint tea and fennel tea i take peppermint after each meal it helps with digestion which helps the gurgling an bloating an if taken often enough also helps with constipation and i have a fennel tea every night this helps to settle my tummy too read for sleeping just a thought coz they help me xx


Thanks for the info Mel 🙂


Peppermint tea always makes things worse for me. Try peppermint capsules with enteric coating so it can reach the bowel otherwise it just burns up in the stomach.


Okay, where do you get these capsules from?


Most pharmacies will have them I think, I know my local 1 does or u can get them from Holland & Barrett, amazon or eBay. Just make sure u get ones with enteric coating or they won’t survive your stomach acid and reach the bowel. Hope that helps cat.


Thank you 🙂


Just hope u feel better darling.


Hi Catherine22

Just a thought but, are you gluten free?

I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s (thyroid related illness), but I was having major stomach cramps, popping in my tummy and it was hell on earth when I went to the toilet. Started with anxiety, feeling spaced out etc

I’ve been stuffing for years with what I use to put down to a sensitive tummy and it never connected.

Anyway with Hashimoto’s you experience leaky gut,so the advice of the thyroid forum on here, I went gluten free in September 2017.

I have to say this has helped me no end.

At first I went mad buying gluten free breads, cakes etc, but, as time has gone on I’ve educated myself that plain fresh wholesome foods are the best.

I do have gluten free bread but, not often, Schar is the best make of bread and came be found in the major supermarkets.

I’ve also knocked the fizzy drinks on the head as well.

I’ve had several intolerance bloods test and this has now confirmed I am positive for milk, soy as well as gluten.

As said above, Gluten causes me major tummy cramps, popping, I can hardly move and my tummy feels bruised for days, milk I’ve made a connection that my muscles especially fingers and toes have stiffness if I had milk or milk protein or soy.

Hope this helps.

Best wishes



Thanks for the info


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