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I have been diagnosed with IBM but it isn't managed at all. I suffer so much . Not being able to politely belch at times when I need to . Severe bloating. Constipation . I could cry. I've been tested for coeliac but that came back negative . The doctor prescribed medication which doesn't really help and I feel like I've hit a bit of a brick wall. I'm off work today with severe bloating and stomach ache

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  • Try low Fodmaps exclusion way of eating to establish what your digestive doesn't like. Some usual suspects would be gluten, dairy, soya, onion, garlic. You can get an app from Monash University which explains it fully and I would advise try only low Fodmaps for at least 6 weeks before adding other foods back in. Good luck.

  • Colese will help , it helps me

  • Hi, i totally understand, i get the same symptoms. I was told i had ibs 3 years ago and was pescribed mebeverine, it basically allows me to eat what i want without needing the toilet 5 times a day like i used to. I still get bloating and pain but thankful am not always on the loo. I came across a product called silicol gel on this website and i looked it up on amazon and boots, very promisig reviews. I am going to try this. Give it a look, reviews say very good for bloating. Also peppermint tea is good for pain. Best of luck.

  • Yes, I've been there many a time. And I have beaten IBS - so there is a way out.

    I have a few tips that should help you on my blog, SickofIBS.com

    Hope this helps you,


  • I really feel for you as I know what you are going through. Definitely try the low FODMAP diet. It really worked for me decreasing the symptoms massively. But I wasn't completely better - e.g. waking up and belching most mornings before even eating anything, still constipated unless I took linseeds regularly, and pain like indigestion pain in my stomach. Then somehow I came across the Fast Tract Diet. This has been a revelation for me - it means cutting down on carbs. As with the low FODMAP diet there is an app you can buy and a book by Norman Robillard. It's American but can be modified for the UK if that is where you are.

    The thing is, what works for one person may not work for another, so you have to try a few things and it can take years as it has with me but you will get there. Take care.

  • Thank you for the information, I have borrowed from library a couple of books re FODMAP, and have just spent some time on line reading about Fast tract diet, I may buy the the Kindle version of the IBS book soon. I desperately need to be able to eat more quantity of food, appetite of a sparrow, and be able to absorb more calories, I am verging on being underweight and as to be expected lack energy.

  • As a start could you try some scrambled egg and cheese with plenty of butter? fast tract recommends eating higher fat food to make up for not getting calories from the carbs. I don't have a kindle but bought the kindle version and read it on the computer using kindle cloud reader which means I can search for things. Good luck.

  • For anyone interested, we have a Fast Tract Diet Facebook group. Our goal is help 10 million people get off drugs with dietary and other holistic solutions. Everyone is welcome. facebook.com/groups/FastTra...

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