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I'm new to this forum!!

Briefly..I've had symptoms for about 4 years. Originally thought to be kidney stones. Pain has been so severe twice was taken to a and e and given morphine. Attacks come on for no apparent reason. Had cytoscopy, mri, xray, ct scan etc but nothing showed. The attacks can last e tween a few hours or days and are very painful, always on lefthand side and can radiate to leg and back..I'm in agony. Afterwards feel very lethargic and under the weather. So fed up with it, as it is beginning to prohibit certain things, it second thoughts about going for a day out. If I knew how to deal with it, I could manage but no one seems to have an answer. My own deduction is that it could be IBS. Has anyone got a similar story.

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I don't get these symptoms but everyone is different, have you had a Colonoscopy and Endoscopy? Those are the two procedures I had, I was then diagnosed with IBS.


Thanks for your reply. I haven't had either yet and to be honest, bit worried about these procedures as I've heard they can be painful....and I'm not very brave!!!!!


I had another Colonoscopy last year as my IBS was getting worse, it's getting better again at the moment and I think that's down to me eating less as well as, of course, eliminating certain foods. The first Colonoscopy I had back in 1996/7 when I was originally diagnosed wasn't good at all but the one I had last year was really good i.e. I was sedated and never felt so relaxed. Okay the 3 days beforehand are a bit of a pain i.e. you have to eat a light diet of foods that basically have no fibre in them, white bread etc, and then the day before the procedure you have a solution to drink, you have it twice - the solution is called Picolax and although it clears you out I didn't have any ill effects whatsoever. I had an Endoscopy years ago and wasn't keen on my throat being numbed to take the tube but that lasted all of about 10 seconds and then I don't remember a thing.

You don't really need to be brave at all.

Very best of luck.


Thanks so much for your reply, it really does seem help to talk to other people with this problemx


You are most welcome x


Hi there! I have a similar story to yours. Was doubled up with pain on and off for weeks, my doctor was dismissive and one night I even rang the help line and was visited by lovely paramedics who took my BP which was off the scale and stayed with me until my pain subsided, although had no answers! Subsequently I had an ultrasound which pronounced that I had gall stones maybe causing the problem, I had an endoscopy which said I had an hiatus hernia, and a CT scan which pronounced that I had Diverticulosis - none of which positively proved what was causing the severe pain and for which there seems to be no medicinal help!!! The bottom line is that I have IBS for which there is no known explanation or cure so I'm on my own to find coping mechanisms. I am now on anti-depressants, codeine phosphate to stop the spasms and diarrhea and am trying to come to terms with my new life..... I so sympathise with your story and do hope you find some help, although I know that there is little attempt by the medical profession to sort this problem out despite so many people suffering like us......

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Thanks so much for replying to my post.I paid yet another visit to my doctor yesterday, I've had the pain since last Sunday! But he said my tummy seemed normale and gave me peppermint oil tablets and laxatives and naproxen painkillers. I'm being referred to gastroenterology and blood tests but honestly not that hopeful they will find the problem. I'm sure, like you, I'm so fed up with this as it's beginning to impinge on my life . I sincerely hope things Improve for you x


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