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I am new to this site

Just wondering if anyone else who suffers from IBS suffers from upper stomach pain radiating under ribs and is so how do you deal with this?

I went to a local A&E recently because I thought I was having a heart attack but they said IBS. I also get a tightening all around my upper rib area. Feel really ill most of the time now. Just miserable really. All test done are normal!!!!

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Have you tried keeping a food diary, I suffer with colitis and I find wheat and corn cause me problems. It helps to find out which foods are causing problems. Otherwise I suffer with stomach cramps and bloating. Best of luck


Have you been tested for Dysbiosis ?


I have the same thing. For over a year. I just had an xray done on my abdomen and my bowels were full of feces. Totally. I've been trying to get regular naturally but its going really slow. My upper abdomen feels bad most of the time. I'm in the USA.


Hi Iv been though the same with the hospital, going in with a lot of pain and just getting sent back home with the same pain , I went in with , they don't seem to have any compassion.

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What tests have you had done? I spent 2 years in and out of hospital with severe pain and bowel obstruction. I got admitted every time and put on morphine, IV fluids and an NG tube up my nose to stop me being sick. Stayed in for a week most times and had every test and scan going. Finally got diagnosed with slow transit constipation and had 1/3 of my large bowel removed last year. I also have a severe under active thyroid which causes constipation. Hope you get some help soon x


Thankyou . I am due to have endoscopy soon so hopefully I get some answers then.


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