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Iberogast for severe IBS?

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Hi guys, just a quick one. I've been diagnosed with severe ibs recently after having the condition for 7+ years. Has anybody tried Iberogast liquid? If so, does it help bloating and abdominal pain? I'm suffering so badly...

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Yes I’ve tried it for many months. Worked for me really well for the bloating which caused alot of pain. Found it very pricy though. My gastro-enterologist asked me to try metamucil (psylium husk) I was skeptic but tried it. It took about 2 weeks but after that worked great for me also and is much cheaper. It works great for diarrhea too.

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SamanthaBuckland in reply to Meekster

Aw thanks for letting me know. I suffer with severe IBS-C which causes bloating every day no matter what I eat or drink. I'm just trying to find something to help the bloating as no medication has worked in the last 7 years.. I will give this a go!

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Yes, I tried it for about a month but felt that it actually made me worse - certainly no better anyway!

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SamanthaBuckland in reply to Kerry12

Aw no! Sorry to hear that it made it worse. That's what I'm concerned about.. I've had so many medications that have made it worse...

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Kerry12 in reply to SamanthaBuckland

Same here but I would say give it a try - it has lots of good reviews. The only thing that helps me a bit is VSL#3 but then I'm IBS-D .... Have you tried flaxseed to get things moving?

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I have tried it in the past and it seemed to ease the symptoms for a bit but then it was just a short relief and it all came back within a week or two -so sadly not a long term option :( I have recently started using enterosgel which has literally been a life changing experience, I mean, i am just praying it keeps on working as well cus it is so good- I am no longer frantically googling bathrooms and get mistaken for being pregnant!!!

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SamanthaBuckland in reply to mollychaplin

Damn it. I'm kinda need a long term option. I know how you feel on that one! Fingers crossed it keeps working for you!!

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mollychaplin in reply to SamanthaBuckland

Thanks hun!!

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Hi, If you need help and support for your IBS please get in touch theibsnetwork.org

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I find it helps with wind - as in burping! I also take a Wind-Eze tablet after eating which contain simeticone. I sprinkle chia seeds on my breakfast cereal to help with bowel movements and L-Theanine for calming anxiety. It's a concentrated form that's found in green tea! It all helps but some days I'm still bad! But the L-Theanine really helps my anxiety about it which in turn I hope helps my IBS!

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