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19 year old female, I went to doctors a few weeks back about serve bloating, stomach cramps and problems going to the toilet ect, the doctor put me on anti sickness tablets and tablets for IBS to see if it helped. Also tested me for coeliac which came back negative(thank god), anyway, I've came to the conclusion with the doctors that I am suffering from IBS and flare ups quite often. I am going to try keep a food diary and see if anything inpaticular may be triggering them, I've been given tablets to take 20 minutes before I eat but being on tablets daily is never something I've been good at remembering to take! Is there any other way about it? Can anyone help me out with how to cope living with IBS? Any hell is appreciated!

Also I have been feeling very down and overly angry recently and doctors have suggested anger management!

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  • I'm sorry to hear about what you're going through! I think it's natural to feel down and angry once you get the diagnosis of IBS. I was very emotional after mine (which was last summer). The key thing to do is the keep a food diary and identify your triggers. Mine are onions, garlic and dairy. You could also try the FODMAP diet to identify your triggers but it is very restrictive (I haven't tried it myself personally). I was given those tablets to take before meals and I struggled to remember to take them. They didn't seem to work for me but they might for you as everyone is different. It will get easier with time :) Once the diagnosis has settled in and you can identify how your body will react to food it will get better. Vent to a friend/loved one if you can as you'll need support through this difficult time. I hope things get better for you!

  • MY worst culprits seem to be onions, garlic and dairy, also red wine has a negative effect. This Sunday lunch was cooked for me by a relative and the red cabbage had garlic, spices and red wine in it. It was very tasty and I tried not to be overly concerned. However, I woke up that night with griping lower tummy pains and had my first of several trips to the loo for the remainder of the night and yesterday. When cooking at home its not all doom and gloom as I can eat the green end of spring onions and garlic oil, both very good as substitutes in recipes. I still have cow's milk in tea and coffee but for larger amounts ie cereal and porridge I use almond milk which I actually prefer. It's tough and can be depressing not being able to eat what you like whilst others around you do and can. This site helps with advice and support from others who are all suffering with the same or similar issues.

  • Aw god what a shame:(! It's just hard adjusting to a new eating life style! Starting tomorrow I'm keeping a good diary to see what my triggers may be! A lot of people seem to say garlic, onion and milk are their biggest triggers! I don't like milk anyway so only drink it in tea and coffee! I feel like I'm getting a lot of help and support on here!

  • I'm too afraid to try the green bit of spring onions and garlic oil but I'm surprised they don't affect you seeing as we have the same triggers...maybe I should try them one day and see how I feel. How close to the white part of the spring onion do you go to? That's a shame about your meal! I recently went to a restaurant where they had a set menu. They catered to my onion/garlic intolerance but they foolishly gave me a chocolate mousse-like dessert (even though I mentioned dairy intolerance) and I was very ill the next morning. I probably shouldn't of eaten it but it looked so good! It's hard learning to control yourself when you know certain foods will make you ill but they seem so worth it at the time.

  • HI. I used to be very strict with making sure I just had the green part but that bit of the onion deteriorates quite quickly so I have used a bit of the white with fingers crossed. I was actually fine. Garlic oil is great for cooking as you still get the flavour without the upset. I recommend you try both.

  • I'll definitely give it a try and see how I feel! Thanks for the tip :)

  • Ibs isn't fun. It sounds like you have been given the tablets that I tried. I prefer busopan the others made me feel odd. I decided to go gulten free that helped a lot now I think I'm flaring up again and being constipated this time. Grr. Exercise does help me a bit. I get really upset about it sometimes. Onion I have found makes it flare up very bad so I tend to steer clear. Food diary is great when I remember to write in it :). X

  • ahh thank you! I'm useless with tablets, going to phone the doctors and see if there's any other way to help me! Thank you!!

  • I'm a 19 y/o girl too and I feel your pain. I keep going back to the doctors all angrily haha. try a low fodmap diet - just Google image search and a table of things you can and can't eat should come up. try eliminating the atuff you eat most of, see if that has any results. the first time I tried that I got better bowel movements but sadly it doesn't really work much sometimes.

    it's usually when I get stressed about being constipated that it gets worse.

    Also been suggested by a user here to take 800-1200mg magnesium citrate tablets. I have taken 400mg and 600mg the past two nights but nothing has happened so fingers crossed

    Good luck!

  • I'll definitely have a look I'm fed up feeling like this and not being able to go to the toilet it makes my stomach pain 100X worse! Might try the tablets and see, if not I'll be going back to the doctors! Thank you!! Hope something works for you!

  • What are the tablets you have been given ??

  • Colofac tablets, mebeverine tablets, and metoclopramide for sickness

  • How are you finding colfolac? my friend went from d to being sick instead on that stuff!

  • From d? Only just been put on them so I'll wait and see!

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