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Hello, I've just signed up to this network on the advice of my mother-in-law! I've had IBS for 5 years now, I have a caffeine intolerance and more recently become lactose intolerant. After getting food poisoning in Thailand in April I've had a terrible flare of my IBS which had previously been very well controlled. Since April I've had bad diarrhea which then made me very fatigued and struggling to get through the day. I have also had anal fissures as a result of the diarrhea (agony!) and now severe abdominal spasm pain. I've been referred to gasto to see if they have any advice but the waiting list seems to be pretty long. So if anyone has any advice for the abdo pain and the tiredness levels I'd really appreciate it :) I've upped my dose of buscopan to the maximum but I don't feel it deals with all the symptoms. The diarrhea has thankfully settled, just go between constipation and loose stools quite a lot now. Would love to get my IBS back to being under control the way it was before all this!! Ali

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  • Your symptoms sound very similar to mine so I'll share my routine in the hope it maybe helps you! For about a month now I have been cutting dairy from my diet apart from a small Yakult which I take daily, I take Fybogel twice a day usually after breakfast and dinner. I drink lots of water too. I'm feeling so much better recently. I have had a few off days where I have stomach cramps and I'm too exhausted to do anything after being at work. I'm going to stick with it though and see if it improves!

    I'm waiting to see a specialist too but you're right- it's a long wait! Have you been prescribed anything for the fissures? Rectogesic and hot baths eventually fixed mine!

  • Thank you! Yep, I tried the rectogesic for a while but it gave me a bad migraine everytime I used it. I'm trying the hot baths as well so hopefully I'll get rid of them! I'll try the fybogel today :) thank you!

  • Hot water bottle and gentle walking for cramps,power naps and honey for fatigue

  • Try leaving all dairy products out of your diet and substituting with soya and vegetable based products

  • I use mebeverine, domperidone, peppermint oil capsules and keep away from any white bread, white pasta, onions, peppers, cucumber, bananas and lots of other food. I'm vegetarian so it's difficult.

  • try rutaecarpine and lots of water keep away from tea coffee dairy and energy drinks

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