Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

Hello Folks,

Today I've had a flexible sigmoidoscopy that looked at the lower part of the colon area- due to ongoing bleeding symptoms spanning across 2.5 years as it's been on and off - though for the past 3 weeks it's been alright.

So the whole procedure was painless and took about 5-6 minutes, the doctor found a 4 mm sessile polyp which was removed within seconds with cold snare.

The diagnosis on my report reads: rectal polyp.

I now feel extremely anxious as they sent said polyp to the local lab to determine if there is any chance of this re-growing but what worries me even more are the prospects of this being of a cancerous nature.

The doctor said that cancer has not been detected (although like I said been living with on and off back passage bleeding over the past 2 years).

Are there any chances of me getting colon cancer from this procedure or the fact that this polyp has been removed? I feel like I am losing my mind.



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  • As far as I know (not a doctor, just a customer, but I hope a well-informed one!) there is zero chance of you getting colon cancer as a result of the procedure. Hang on to that mind, friend!

    Glad to help, Chris

  • I feel bit sore although its been a little over 24h since the procedure...if you know what I mean, it just feels like something on right hand side of my tummy feels a little sore

  • Pollips are very common and when big enough they start to bleed. Nothing to do with cancer

  • heard they can become benign and turn into cancer!

  • Certain types of polyp have a tendancy to turn into cancer - this happened to me. The beauty is, even if a polyp has reached a cancerous stage (over a period of time), removing it in a sigmoidoscopy cures it!

  • oh ok so if they have already removed it, even if deemed cancerous it doesn't mean that I got colon cancer now!

  • hi benign means they are nothing; try not to worry

  • Exactly. Benign means no cancer. Even if they weren't benign, they've gone: you still haven't got cancer! So don't worry Alex - you win either way!

  • ok so say worst case scenario if the polyp was malignant and has been removed there is no risk of cancer spreading at this point

  • Caution: I am not a doctor. As I understand it, no risk whatsoever. Don't worry! (I know that's easy for others to say if you tend to anxiety anyway.)

  • Alex - re-reading your original post...... sending a polyp for examination is absolutely standard practice, and the result of that microscopic examination is that there are no cancer ells to be seen. If there was no sign of cancer in the polyp, then you can't get cancer from it. Sounds like you are fine!

  • Just to report that didn't have any bleeding since the procedure on Dec 16th however it all started this afternoon and brought me down-am only worried I might have cancer...but then again I wonder if further investigations would be needed and whether another sigmoidoscopy will be needed. I never experienced tummy pain or irregular bowel movements, just the on and off bleeding which may stop for 5-6 weeks then come back full blown all over again.

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