100% certain I have cancer ;(

For the past few days I have spent hours learning about my symptoms and the causes of them. I was trying to find some reassurance that I didnt have cancer but its what all of my symptoms are pointing too. I have been suffering from constipation so the GI doctor gave me some laxatives to try. I took the laxative and had diarrhea and took it again last night. I had diarrhea again which looked like white pus and had a Small ball shaped piece of stool that had red mucus mixed in it which im sure was blood. according to my symptoms it definitely points at colon cancer. I see the GI doctor on monday and im just waiting on the day of my horrible diagnosis ;(

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  • My Gastro told me it is extremely rare for cancer to present with constipation .Much more common and likely to present with diarrhea .yours has been induced by laxatives .Close scrutiny of Bowel movements specially after taking laxatives will reveal all kinds of worrying stuff .So try and stay calm and collected .Don"t look at the internet .See the gastro tomorrow and make sure he she understands how stressed you are and insist that all that needs to be done to reach a diagnosis one way or the other is done immediately and all appropriate actions are pursued .I do hope all is resolved for you .

  • You are lucky to get an appointment on a Bank Holiday Monday, Chey921. I'm waiting to hear what the GI doctor says., so do let me--let all of us know.

    You are doing quite the right thing to see him--you've seen doctors before, I remember you saying. So Monday with a GI should settle the question, "Doctor, is this cancer?" He has to give you a direct answer IF YOU ASK.

    Some of us on this site have lived with IBS for much of our lives---but we didn't die!

    Very good luck on Monday. My thoughts are with you.

  • hi chey921 I have had ibs bad now for about 7/8 years since I gave up smoking anyway ibs can cause various symtoms so don't go worrying about something until you no for sure what it is as also stress and worry can cause different sighns as well I hope ervey thing is ok but please don't wory as life is too short hope this helps you alittle jeff

  • Hi chey921, please don't worry about the worsed outlook, untill you know for sure.

    I've had chronic IBS for 12yrs and occasionally ive had blood in my stools and I'm still here.

    Have you had a colonoscopy,because this is the only test for ruling out any problems.

    If not ask your GI doctor about having one even if it's just to clear your mind.

    Hope you come back with a bit more piece of mind.

    Take care NORMA.

  • Hi, I don't know you but I certainly feel for you! I lost my dad to cancer 3 years ago so can empathise with you. What a terrible shock, I do you get the correct treatment and they tell you what to do. The diagnosis of cancer is much better these days, fingers crossed the diagnosis is not as bad as you thought, good luck!

  • Hi Chey921, I truly hope you don't have anything wrong.

    I have had IBS-d for a long time.

    Last year due mainly to stress it got much worse. I had constant anal and tail bone pain. I felt like I needed to go to the loo even after I had passed loads of diarrhoea. Then I got constipated, my stools were long, narrow with ridges - sure sign of a blockage. I had mucus of various colours and was sure I saw blood. I was in a terrible state. As I am nearly 60 I was seen at an NHS hospital within two weeks. I had a flexible sigmoidoscopy. It was completely clear. Within four days of the diagnosis all the pain had gone! I went back to my normal IBS-d (controlled with Imodium).

    I know very well that IBS is not all in the mind. But worry can have a physical effect. You are doing the right thing seeing the doc, after all what else can you do? If something is wrong it won't get better by ignoring it.

    Good luck

  • If u have been googling your symptoms - that's the worst thing u can do! The internet will always have you dying of something!

    Stick to the doctor - they have had years of medical training, Years of specialisation and years of proper hands on experience.

  • Shoppaholicsue is right - Stay away from Google. For IBS stick with this site and the NHS, there are some lunatic sites out there

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