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Does IBS cause other issues to reproductive organs ??


I have been an IBS sufferer for 3 years ..still no cure ..just trying to survive day by day and i'm accepting this after failing different types of treatments ..well actual concern now is my recent abnormal vaginal bleeding ..for the last 3 monthes i have been having my periods twice a month this month it's just non stop bleeding ..i feel so exhausted that i don't have the energy to see a doctor ..also convincing my self it could be from the IBS and all the stress that is causing me ..has any one experienced bleeding with ibs ??

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I don't think IBS causes abnormal bleeding so I would highly recommend that you see your doctor to get it checked out as it could be the sign of something very serious.

Hi, I'm new to this forum. I suffer with IBS and anxiety and depression. I've had issues with spotting but never constant bleeding - i would definitely speak to your doctor. Have you recently changed contraception or anything that may have caused it? I have noticed recently that I have had pressure in my womb and bowel area. I was concerned there was something wrong with my insides ( I feel like my insides are going to drop out!!) and something the doctors had missed, you hear so many scary stories these days! I had my routine smear test and thought if there was something wrong it would be picked up then - everything was fine. I had a colonoscopy and that was fine - specialist just said it was IBS. I also had an internal examination of my lady bits and again that was fine. Finally I had blood tests to make sure there was nothing unusual and no ovarian problems and to try and figure out why I am shattered all the time, again everything came back fine. The doctor said the pressure and also slight bleeding from vagina and back passage will be down to the IBS. IBS is sooooo frustrating!

I would definitely see your doctor though x


must get to GP ASAP ! I was bleeding once for 11 weeks but ther was a problem with build up of UTERUS lining; not to do with IBS. tho I have that-If you dont go you will suffer bad fatigue

Hello there. Did you go to the dr about this? What's the update?

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@Ibknox04 hello ..yeah ..managed to pull my self together and went to my OB /GYN ..there was a cyst on my right ovary , un ulcer in my cervix and a mycoplasma cell inflammation ( which i still didn't understand ) have been prescribed Dalacin vaginal ovules / Daflon for the bleeding and Diflucan for the fungus infection ..things are more settled now ..i just have heavy secretions but not bleeding .

Thanks for asking ..hope things stay this way and do not get worse in the future .

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