Colon Cancer? PLS HELP :-(

Just two days ago I think I saw some reddish parts in my stool. It wasn't blood red and was inside(-ish) of the stool. It was more of pinkish? Im really not sure if it was just me thinking it was pink. I never had bleeding ever (never seen it) I'm 19 years old and female. I'm scared because my lower eyelids are sometimes pale and they say that makes you anemic, and anemia can be from colon cancer. I do have really heavy periods but my period came 2 weeks ago. What are my chances of colon cancer? No family history of any cancer. Sad part is I have no way of getting a colonoscopy (no money).

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  • If you have any doubts about anything of that nature you must ho to your GP immediately. He will arrange any ongoing treatment that is required.

    Please do not worry but do act immediately if you suspect anything is amiss. Doesnt sound too bad to me but I am no expert.

    Good luck

  • I know i should... I just dont have the money. My country sucks and everything costs a fortune. Im just looking for anyone with the same experience.

  • Where are you from?

  • Good ol' Philippines...

  • Hi,

    I take it you don't live in the UK where a colonoscopy is available on the NHS?

    Bright red blood on the outer surface of stools usually signifies an anal tear or haemorrhoids, but if blood is interwoven in it then it could possibly be a more serious condition.

    Not being a medical professional of any kind, I can't tell you what your chances of having colon cancer are and you should, at the very least, consult a doctor about this - and, as soon as you possibly can.

    Best wishes,


  • Unfortunately. My country really sucks and has no free health care at all. The thing is I dont even know if it IS blood. It's more of yellow brownizh orangey pink ( does that make sense). Would blood be obvious? Not tarry, not maroon, not red.

  • The colour of blood, whether bright or dark, is pretty unmistakable and it sounds more like something you ate passing through. Can you think of anything it might be? It isn't necessarily something you ate just yesterday, as food can have a transit time of 48+ hours.

    By the way, our NHS isn't 'free' as we pay for it by making contributions to it from our taxes throughout our working lives.

  • People here also pay taxes but... we don't know what the corrupt government does with it! Oh well!

    Thanks so much, I guess it might be like tomato skin or the carrots I ate. I'm just so worried all the time I can barely sleep. I always think "what's that? looks KIND OF pinkish/reddish?" and then I flush it and my memory makes me think of it as redder than I saw. It sucks...

  • I can see from your profile that you have an anxiety disorder, so I imagine that mind must work overtime when you come across something unfamiliar in your health. Try not to worry though, this really doesn't sound like anything dreadful now you've described it better. Being as young as you are, you'd be very unfortunate indeed if you had something seriously wrong with you.

    As for your corrupt government, well sadly, there are plenty of those around the world, ours isn't brilliant, but at least the British people can hold them accountable and vote them out!

    Best wishes,


  • Hi there Aloha,

    I am so sorry your are going through this. Believe me, I don't think there is a single one of us that has not worried about colon cancer from time to time! But your symptoms (which are a big strange! :) ) do not sound like colon cancer at all...

    Something you probably CAN afford is to have a stool sample analyzed... I only mention this because it might help your peace of mind.

    I hope you will get a smile from this and my experience! ... several years ago, I went to the br and when I stood up to flush I noticed that what I had a done was GREEN.... I mean really pure green!!...and thought "Oh god, I'm dying..." :( Well, naturally, I went to Dr. Google and found out quite a number of reasons why this happens, so I piped down again! :) ...and it was nothing 'bad' at all... just a strange chemical imbalance of sorts. Good luck to you!

  • Thanks so much for the info. I reaaaaaally appreciate it. Im trying to keep calm telling myself Im probably okay but yes Im gonna get an FOBT soon. Also they say if there was blood in my poop (except for the ones only detected in FOBT), it would be really obvious and I wouldnt mistake it. What I saw was the "hmm that CAN be really pale pinkish orangey blood"

  • Hi

    Have you eaten beetroot that can make your urine red and can be found in you poo as well.

    Good Luck x

  • I havent eaten beetroot :-( I hope this is just some other thing I ate

  • Yes, Ive had ibs for years & have a really good gastroenterologist. Sounds like something you ate. I found some RED in my b.m. & started freaking out ended up being tomato skin, another time was bell peppers. Lately been making smoothies w beets. That really caused a major panic attack, couldnt recall eating tomato or peppers, was the beets that didnt turn the b.m. red, but the water was all pink.I had to read up on beets & b.m.'s and what a relief to find they cause things to come out pink. I thot I was dying. My dr. Says unless the stools are blackish or there is bright red on the wipe, then you should get checked. But if u r pale, I would start on some iron suppliments w your daily vitamins. You are pretty young for colon cancer, unless you are eating a poor diet. I would start eating more veggies &fruit to b well & healthy. Also ask your pharmacist which iron suppliments are easy on your stomach bcuz they can constipated to & cause tour b.m.,'s to b black too, than you'll get all paniced again.(Im from US w good dr.s & decent insurance) relaxs, sounds like something u ate :-)

  • Hi! Yes yourr right it could just be the food. I am young and I do eat pretty healthy Im a big veggie and fruit fan and we have absolutely no history of any cancer even up the family tree generations. Except for my grandpa who got liver cirrhosis then liver cancet at 60+ from heavy drinking.

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