Forthcoming colon resection operation

I am due to have a resection operation on my sigmoid colon next Friday (16th December) in the hope that this will sort out my ongoing diverticulitis.

Unfortunately right now I am in the middle of a flare up of dd, I have been on a liquid diet for the last 3 days but it doesn't seem to be settling it (I cannot tolerate antibiotics at the present). I really don;t want to have to cancel my forthcoming op as it has taken a long time to progress up the waiting list for this. Any suggestions for how to quickly sort out this latest flare up so I can still have the op next week.

Many thanks


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  • Eating just potato and rice for at least 14 days is the only way I am able to calm my diarrhoea.

    I don’t seem to get a proper explanation from anyone as to what having diverticula actually means. I have suffered with diarrhoea for most of my adult life and have been told that it is only diverticulosis when actually inflamed. As I have D every day does that mean I am suffering from diverticulosis? My GP and Consultant seem to have differing views.

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