How do you manage?

How do you manage in situations when you have a flare up and can't access a toilet easily? This is my main fear about my ibs and the worry of it contributes and causes the majority of my symptoms.

For example next week I have to take my cat to the vets. I've never noticed a customer toilet in there and even if there is one I can't leave my cat to use it. So the impending worry of this situation is already on my mind and I know when it comes I'll probably have a flare up. The same thing happened to me the other week when I took my son to our new doctors although luckily they have a toilet.

I seriously need to stop giving so much importance to this issue in my mind but I just can't help it. Once I'm out of the vets I know the urge will probably go but waiting for appointments like that always sets me off! It's one of my key triggers. So I sound crazy?! I feel it :(

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  • Why don't you call the vets and explain you have ibs and ask them if they can show you where a toilet is should you need it? And join the IBS network where you can get a can't wait card and a radar key for disabled toilets. And I would walk around outside after registering you are there and ask them to call you in when ready. Quite often fresh air and walking about has helped me. Plus an extra dose of silicolgel for me works wonders.

  • Thanks, I just get so embarrassed about admitting to the problem and I think that's why I build it up to be such a big issue in my mind. I did find some relief from using silicolgel but I'm really struggling to get it down. I guess the clue is in the title but I wasn't expecting it to be so much of a 'gel' consistency. I've tried mixing it with water and just shotting it back but I can't seem to get a full dose down :(

  • I got used to the gel. I used to dilute it and use a straw first of all and then graduated to a simple shot glass approach! I gag on anything and so it was tricky for me. If it wasn't for the fact it helped so much I wouldn't have bothered but as I've said before, it's been amazing for me so worth persevering. It doesn't bother many people and I'm now better at taking it but empathise with you.

  • I cant really be of much help except to say that there is a card. Called a cant wait card which allows you access to toilets which would otherwise be out of bounds. Do a search on this forum the details are in some of the posts if you put Cant wait card

  • You need to get a RADAR key that will open any disabled toilet and an 'I can't wait' card from the IBS Society. Unfortunately I can't pist the links here

  • I know how you feel. I get very stressed at the thought of having to ask someone - even a friend - if I can use their toilet - which is ridiculous - after all everyone has to go to the loo - we really shouldn`t feel embarrassed about it. I wonder how old you are? I am nearly 60 and when I was growing up I was told that it wasn`t "nice" to talk about anything to do with bodily functions. Hopefully younger people are more relaxed about it

  • I agree with dinghy. Honesty I think is the best policy, sometimes just not having to keep it to yourself helps to ease the problem and takes the worry away.

  • I have exactly the same anxiety about new situations, and worry about finding a loo. I don't know about you, but I think this started when I first got an attack out and about. Those feelings of panic are very strong, and you don't want to feel them again. I now try to replace the negative thoughts with that of finding a loo and being fine, when those gremlins pop up in my head before going somewhere new and think of all the occasions I worried and was fine. Try not to reinforce the negative thoughts before hand - imagine it's going to be fine and you will be.

    The Radar key is helpful to know. I hadn't thought of that, and will look into it.

  • Hi

    You sound just like me, I take a loperamide if I have to go anywhere as I get so stressed

  • you don't sound crazy I do this as well, I am worried about my son wedding in September that I will be sick on that day. but sick or not I will be there, just would be nice to feel good there.

  • I do exactly the same...when my dog needs to go to the vets I panic, even though I know there is a toilet next to the waiting room, I feel I can't take the dog with me. But to calm myself down, I try to think to myself 'if I really have to go Ill have to take the dog with me, or I'll just have to ask the reception staff to watch him for a minute'. I keep trying to remind myself that everybody needs the loo and they must of had other people that have needed to go when waiting with their pets.

  • Like Jules...I take immodium when in these situations....up to 4 sometimes ...too much but gives me some peace of mind. Waiting rooms are the worst !

  • Well just to let you know I made it to the vets without incident! I think because I was so preoccupied with catching and comforting my cat I didn't have chance to worry. I also wasn't waiting too long and turns out there is a toilet in there which immediately put me at ease. I guess it just shows how much of it is in my head....

  • I have exactly the same issue. It's a nightmare. I take Immodium but this doesn't always work when I get myself stressed up about it. I avoid eating anything before I go anywhere that is unlikely to have a toilet and I have the Can't wait card but not a Radar Key. I must try and get one. What we must do is not let this control our lives.

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