Colon problems or what??

Hi all- I am just curious to know if anyone out there has/had had the same symptoms as me:

At Christmas (2015) I had all symptoms of a bad sinus infection/flu. It put me under the bed. I was never officially diagnosed with anything but the doctor gave me amoxicillin and sterroid. I recovered beautifully within two days and went on with life. I kept getting on and off sore throats, then at the end of January (2016), had the most massive horrible sinus infection I've ever had in my life. I was bed ridden for 4 days- was sick to my stomach from swallowing so much mucus. It was horrible. I went to the doctor where they tried to push more antibiotics but I declined. The sinus condition improved over the next week, but I began developing other strange symptoms. I frequently had numbness and tingling in my arms and hands, felt strange sense of dizziness, cold achy spells with no fever, a low body temperature, decreased appetite, muscle twitches and spams. It was terrifying! And the last symptom to develop over the course of two weeks was a change in bowel habits. I started going more frequently, 2-4 times a day, and my stools always had undigested food.

I went back to the doctor a couple times and had tons of tests run- vitamins, cbc and differential, liver, antibodies, ESR and CRP, rheumatoid factor, etc.. I even went on the eventually have an MRI of the brain because the numbness/twitchy feelings were so bad (came back fine except for a small, common, pineal cyst). The only thing of significant value was low Vitamin D. Over the course of a couple months, I supplemented with these and just about every symptom of mine improved except for the bowels.

The BMs eventually started coming less frequently- now usually just once a day/sometimes twice. But they always have lots of undigested food and are always shades lighter of brown than they used to be. Accompanying the change of bowels is pain in my lower right abdomen- a constant dull ache for about a week at a time, it presented right when my bowels changed. It went away and then came back about a month later for another week in March. It went away and came back for another week in May. I haven't had that same pain since, but for the past couple of days have had very mild but annoyingly noticeable pain right below my right ribs and something into the colon area. The pain even kind of goes into the back and down the side of my hip sometimes too. I get super scared that it's my liver, although the my liver tests in February were absolutely stellar.

I'm due to get a colonoscopy next week to check for things like Chron's, inflammation, etc.

So, anyone had anything related to what I've been experiencing on this wild ride?

For reference, I am a 25yo female 5ft. 9 in. before I was sick, I weighed around 132 (loved it!) but now I hover around 125. Lost about 7 lbs. during the course of all this. I'm also pretty active- I walk a lot and exercise a few times a week and I have always eaten a diet full of fruits, veggies, lots of healthy fats and grains and seeds (of course I eat pizza sometimes!! I'm no angel.)

Thanks everyone.

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  • Have they investigated your gallery bladder?

  • @mithical I've never even heard of a gallery bladder! Why do you suggest that test?

  • That's predictive text for you. Gall bladder! Just because of the type of pain you are having.

  • @mithical Haha I should've realized, but I started thinking about my actual bladder.

    The doctor did a physical exam on my gallbladder at the beginning of May- pressed into it and stuff, but said it was fine. Come to think of it, I did develop a lot of burning indigestion with the changes in bowels. However, I've only had 1 or 2 indigestion episodes in the past 2-3 months, and the doctor mostly attributed it to me stressing about not knowing whats causing all the craziness in my body at the time. They attributed some weight loss to that too. And I understand why.. I was so worried that I was in peril that I didn't even feel like eating. I am so aware that the mind can do crazy things to you now.

    I'm interested to know why you thought gallbladder, though?

  • I thought gallbladder because it can cause referred pain.

  • If I think back, my ibs started with an undiagnosed tooth abcess which went on to produce sinus/dizziness/headaches. I had about 3 antibiotic courses. However I developed bowel issues like you describe thereafter. Also, having had flu like symptoms on and off since February, I think virus's can really cause the body a lot of problems. It looks like you have had a bad infection. Your GP has done all the right tests. You know nothing is serious. However, you know you have been through a lot of awful illness too. I would say, treat yourself kindly, like you are. Good food, gentle exercise, relaxation and rest. Chew food till it is really liquidy so you can Give your digestive system an easier job. You are not alone!

  • Thank you @DJaneC it's comforting to know that others experience similar things. It's been hard to find anyone that understands!!

  • Maybe just maybe, you have chronic Lyme's? Many of the symptoms are similar to those I experienced back in 2006 after spending 6 months in SW France, where I was bitten by ticks. Please note the Lyme's test is very unreliable (as used by the NHS) and doctors are reluctant to treat purely on evidence based symptoms without a positive test. My doctor is now treating me for chronic Lyme's at long last, and I am feeling a bit more my old self except when 'herxing' I hope you get the right treatment soon love to you.

  • @jointpain I was tested for Lyme's and it came back negative. But like I mentioned in my post, things pretty much went back to normal for me except for the bowels

  • Did u have. Thyroid test sounds like overactive to me?

  • @egnig- I did have my thyroid tested- they ran a TSH and T4 Free- both coming back normal with plenty of padding on both sides of the range... Even though it came back normal, I have also wondered about this. Maybe I'll get re-checked in the coming months.

  • Hello SimoneR - I have had many thyroid tests and they all came back normal. However after I kept complaining I had another, even though Dr said it wasn't necessary. TWo days later I received a phone call to say that I had an overactive thyroid. (Graves). I have since had my thyroid removed and now am underactive. Apparently sometimes you need. Few tests before it shows up. Hope u r feeling better!

  • Forgot to mention I have had lots of antibiotics over the years and steroids.

  • Thanks for the reply's everyone!

    Any thoughts on the undigested food? I even have tried to stimulate my digestive enzymes by drinking lemon water, apple cider vinegar, eating raw garlic. I still get the same results!

  • Most important first question... What was the antibiotic you took before all this started?

  • @Fancymom I took amoxicillan

  • Ok, well that's a common, pretty benign atb. Did you take a good probiotic after you finished your antibiotic? If not, it may help now. Also, have you had your Vit D level checked? I would be willing to bet it's low.

  • @fancymom I began taking good probiotics SERIOUSLY and religiously within the last couple of months- I thought about a yeast overgrowth. And maybe I have one. But I'd say it hasn't improved noticeably. I will keep taking them, though, because the properties are amazing. I haven't had my D re-checked.

  • At the risk of sounding crazy... Have u ever tried the Blood Type diet? It totally changed my life.

  • @fancymom No-- Never even heard of it. A google search of it sounds very interesting though! Unfortunately, I've never known my blood type..

  • Lol. Well, you have to know your blood type. Maybe your Mom knows, or depending on how old you are, it could be on your birth certificate.

    If you are eating all the wrong foods, not only will you feel awful, you will start having health problems :( Mine was horrible digestive problems, pre-diabetes, anemia, low Vit D, fatigue, insomnia, etc. etc.

  • You poor thing, you've had a lot going on. My IBS started after I had a bout of food poisoning around 20 years ago. I suffered mainly with the pain but also feeling sick so the doctor sent me for a colonoscopy and endoscopy and that rule out Chrons, Celiac etc so was diagnosed with IBS.

    It has since flared up quite a lot so I am due to see a Gastro doctor in a couple of weeks. I also suffer with tummy pain, changes in bowel habits, pain in the ribs, sometimes the back etc. Sounds like it's possible you have IBS.

    Hope the colonoscopy goes well - I found the test absolutely fine.

  • Thank you @crazyfitness It's strange because 50% of me is hopeful they find nothing and it's all good, the other 50% almost wants them to find something so I have a place to start the healing process!

    Sorry to hear about your IBS issues, I'll let you know what I find out in next weeks scope.

  • Best of luck and with you on if they find something they can treat it.


  • This is a total long shot, but I have experienced much of the symptoms you have. After a few odd illnesses, I s tarted to get various tingles around my body, muscle fasciculations, abdominal bloating and pain after I ate, and odd bouts of weakness and not feeling well. I got facial flushing and ringing in my ear eventually. Anyways, I am being worked up for a mast cell activation syndrome. It is a relatively newly recognized condition that seems to come on after some sort of acute stress. Check out mastocytosis society of Canada website for good information. But it may be coincidental that I have similar symptoms. Take care


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