Is it IBS?

I was diagnosed with IBS 20 years ago by a GP who decided my symptoms fit the diagnosis. I had no formal testing and have just lived with the symptoms ever since.

I have regular agonising stomach cramps, urgent need to go to the bathroom, times where I can't eat at all. I feel everything I eat moving through my stomach and can sometimes see my stomach moving too.

The cramps are the worst part, so bad I roll around the floor in pain at times. When I was in labour with my son I was sure it was just IBS due to the pain feeling very similar.

Does this sound like IBS or can anyone suggest anything else I could ask to be tested for?


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  • Some people do get severe cramps with IBS. some people find buacopan helps

  • I was told that IBS cramps and labour cramps involve similar muscles in the stomach so you are most probably correct. The muscular rhythm of the intestines (called peristalsis) which moves food through the gut can get out of sync due to various reasons like not enough good gut flora, not enough water or roughage etc and this can cause the spasms. In the past IBS used to be called spastic colon for this reason. The doctor can prescribe you anti-spasmodic tablets to help with this or you can try over the counter ones like Buscopan.

    It's a good idea to see the doctor anyway though as a check up will rule out any other possible underlying causes. Much more is known now about IBS than twenty years ago so you should get a better diagnosis.

    Good luck.

  • You should ask for a colonoscopy as there are several bowel diseases

  • I had a colonoscopy and was told I had colitis, which I control by diet. Wheat and corn are my main problems. You rearly need to find out exactly what it is, then it can be treated. Things have changed over the years. You need to see your doctor and take it to the next stage.q best of luck

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