Why has my Gastroenterologist diagnosed me with IBS when my Calprotectin level is 1700?

Health problems for about a year, bowels struggling to move, not typical constipation (stools are soft), blood and mucous in them, only diarrhoea and faecal incontinence on a couple of occasions. Nausea, headaches, tiredness, dizzy turns, aching thighs, swollen abdomen, but no pain or stomach cramps. I just don't understand how my Gastroenterologist can be sitting looking at a Calprotectin level of 1700 and say in her opinion I have IBS. No other tests so far have shown any possible cause of symptoms. I eat a very healthy diet.

Any help much appreciated.

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  • Please ask for a Dysbiosis test.

  • Probable 170...at 1700 your guts would "explode".

  • Hi, I've just had my calprotectin results back at 1606! Did you get any further with diagnosis? I'm due at the gasto consultant in a month?!

  • The Gastroenterologist l seen never requested to see me again. I have been so disgusted by the way I've been (my severe symptoms) have just been cassualy brushed aside. After some initial improvement in my symptoms they have got severe again. I have now moved to a different area, will be under a different gp, intend to ask for further investigations. Not convinced l have IBS, worried it's something more serious that no one is bothering their shirt to get to the bottom off.

  • It's just so hard trying to find someone that will actually listen isn't it! I was at a&e this morning in massive amount of pain stomach/back/hip/groin/leg... came out with co-codamol... still in pain. Worries me sick. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help you. Keep pushing.

  • I have moved to an area (rural) with far better doctors, and no long waits for a lot of tests, so hopefully if my symptoms continue getting worse they may be able to get to the route cause. The worry is if there is something more serious going on it may cause a lot of internal damage that may be irriversable. I find it hard to believe that IBS could cause constant rectal bleeding, even while no bowel movements are occurring, also Calprotectin levels are not normally raised in IBS, certainly not likely at that level. It is also well known that IBS is not an inflammatory condition. Increased Calprotectin indicates inflammation of the bowels, level of elevation is directly related to level of inflammation, yours, like mine was massively elevated (normal levels 0-120), so we both had very high bowel inflammation. My dizzy turns are getting worse again, and I am now suffering from abdominal pain too, where as before l had only slight discomfort, but no stomach pain as such, l not only get aching and pain in my legs, l also get a burning sensation, and now getting tingling in my feet. I do not have constipation, my bowels are just not functioning, but no one would listen to me. I hope you get things sorted. My only advise to you is to not give up, keep pestering them, with the NHS you have to be very vocal. I say this from experience, as l am an x NHS worker and a Biomedical Science graduate, l know how complicated the body is, and how hard it can be to diagnose something, and the possible consequences of a wrong diagnosis.

    Best of luck Catherine

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