fodmaps and ibs-c

hi i'm new, i'm 16 and have had ibs c with a bit of d and LOTS of bloating for a year and a half - i recently tried low fodmap and it helped quite a lot giving me more regular BM for about 2/3 days but then things got worse again (very clogged up/bloated) - could it be that after a few days the resulting lack of fibre from the low fodmap caused constipation? and if so how can i get more fibre with low fodmaps? i also bloat badly from most nuts (and oats for some reason), and in my low fodmap experimenting i didn't remove wheat or dairy as i know i'm okay with both of these - my main enemies SEEM to be fructose and polyols, although i thought these normally caused diarrhoea symptoms?! i'm very confused help 😂

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  • The fodmap diet alone does not help for constipation. only the bloating. I follow it, but take magnesium citrate about 600mg at night on an empty stomach before bed and it helps naturally without cramps. Even my gastroenterologist suggest it. Try if. There is a lot of information on the internet about magnesium and constipation.

  • Ooh thanks magnesium sounds hopeful - i'll investigate as i think a lot of my bloating is because of all the clogging up from the constipation. :)

  • would it be advisable to try other forms of laxatives before magnesium? or should i go straight there?

  • Definitely try the magnesium. I have tried every laxative. The magnesium works naturally and is great for clearing things. If just put more fibre in like oats etc even though they are hood, it will not clear what is already there. Judging by some comments I see on this site, people don't realise that if you are chronically constipated, just adding more fibre etc is not going to help.

  • yes i agree about the fibre part - i've tried that so many times and it does nothing! are there any brands of mangnesium citrate you'd recommend?

  • If you look on Amazon, the Now food Magesium citrate capsules or Solgar magnesium citrate. You can even up your dose to about 1000mg initially. If you want to go for something specifically for Colon cleansing, then try Oxypowder or Mag07. They are more expensive but worth it. You can get them on Amazon as well. Look at the reviews of people with similar problems and you will see they work. By the way are you in the U.K.?

  • Thanks so much i'll check out these and let you know - yes UK :) (i presume my local holland and barrett will also have some of the ones you suggested?)

  • No unfortunately Holland and Barrett don't have these.

  • Have you tried soaking your oats and nuts overnight in the fridge? I do this and it seems to work better. They have already swollen so don't swell up in the bowel. The nuts don't stick in the lining of the bowel so therefore there is no irritation.

    Different things work for different people.

    All the best.

  • Oh yes i've heard of doing that- i might try it as i like nuts and they're really healthy otherwise :)

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