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Severe bloating


Hello, please can anyone help? I've been so bloated for a year and a half, all the doctor says is it's IBS. Nothing he has given me helps. I've had no tests done. I'm so down. Please can anyone suggest anything I can take for bloating that actually works?

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1st of all I would be asking my GP for a 2nd opinion from a consultant. You may need a colonoscopy or barium x ray to rule anything out. He's being very careless with your health as IBS symptoms cover a huge range of conditions. If you have no joy, I suggest you contact the practice manager about your issue. Good luck xx

Rolo36 in reply to Maggiet

I asked him to see a specialist he said no, they won't tell me any different. I just don't what to do. I'm so fed up of feeling so bloated. It's started ever since I was on levothyroxine but he says it's not that. Why are doctors useless?!

dwitt in reply to Maggiet

First & 2nd comments from Maggiet I like. I would only add o Rolo 36 - you are what you eat. Get a hold of a dietician. In addition what other medication are you taking and what side effects do they have or could add to your ailment?

crazyfitness in reply to Maggiet

Very well said Maggiet - can't believe that some doctors don't even bother to suggest any tests, just listen to the patient and then diagnose without even suggesting at least a Colonoscopy! Flipping crazy

Hi, have you tried any peppermint products? ie; capsules, or tea? These are good for bloating symptoms, but also have you read anything about the low FODMAP diet? I too had terrible bloating, but by trying the diet it revealed the foods which were making the symptoms worse. It may be worth looking at your diet - but if your doctor has not done any tests on you, it might be worth trying to see another doctor, as at the very least you should have had some blood tests, stool tests - and maybe a physical examination by a gastroenterologist.

Good luck with it all, & best wishes BarneyB.

Bloating can be caused by one of two different things: either the production of too much gas in the bowel, or the fact that the bowel is drawing in too much water so you feel bloated. If you're producing too much gas, then your stomach can sometimes look enlarged/distended. Which of the above do you think applies to you (too much gas or too much fluid)?

An important feature of IBS is that you also experience pain (not just discomfort) and there is also a change in stool frequency or appearance. Do these apply to you as well? If not, then you don't have IBS, just what is known as functional bloating. If you do, then your doctor should also order a handful of blood tests to rule out any more serious conditions (as per the NICE guidelines).

Diet can fix a lot of things for IBS and bloating. I've captured a lot of the dietary advice on my blog, which you can find here:

You also say your doctor has given you different meds but none of them work. What have you tried so far?

Rolo36 in reply to patientj

Hello sorry for late reply. Thanks for replying. I don't get any pain I just feel really uncomfortable as my stomach is like a balloon and feels so heavy had rock hard. I'm a very fussy eater and a vegetarian. I literally only eat quorn chicken and mince, pasta, potato, broccoli, and carrots. Oh and of course chocolate lol. I drink alcohol and I drink decafinated tea. Would these foods be bad for bloating?

Rolo36 in reply to Rolo36

Sorry I meant I don't drink alcohol

patientj in reply to Rolo36

Bloating like you describe is usually caused by bacterial digestion of food leading to the production of gas. So the questions are how to treat it, what's caused it, and how to prevent it in the future.

In my advice above I gave a link to my blog. This mentioned the low FODMAP diet which reduces the amount of food available for digestion by the bacteria. Pasta and broccoli in your diet might be two culprits for your bloating, for instance.

However, I suspect there might also be a chance that you have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), where bacteria in the large intestine find their way into the small intestine. This means they might be eating some of the food in your gut before your body has had the time to digest it, which might mean the low FODMAP diet isn't as effective.

It's not known what causes SIBO, but my theory is that in most cases something like anxiety or depression could inhibit the normal functioning of the gut, enabling these bacteria to migrate. If you're now feeling down because of your predicament (I sympathise - I've been there) this could be prolonging the symptoms for longer.

Antibiotics could help to temporarily manage your symptoms but (a) most doctors won't prescribe them for IBS, and (b) unless you're able to address the underlying cause I suspect it will happen again.

Therefore, in my opinion (and this is largely based on personal experience and everyone is different) I'd see a dietician to explore the low FODMAP diet and also see a therapist to see if there are any underlying psychological causes or triggers for your IBS. Even if there aren't, you might be able to do something like CBT to help improve your mood.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


You need to have a blood test to rule out Cealiac and hospital tests as there are afew bowel conditions, not only IBS, that could be causing your symptoms

If your doctor won't do this then ask for a second opinion

I was recently diagnosed with Dysoibosis which is bad gut bacteria , prior o that I had over 4 years of stomach issues and had every test and medication under the sun. Finally in Australia they came up with a name. I am currently having treatment for it and it's wonderful. One natural thing you can do that gives some relief but will not cure the problem is to take 2 garlic tablets a day and one VERY strong probiotic a day. Look up the condition on the internet and see if it fits. Wishing u well.

patientj in reply to denvajade

Out of curiosity, what treatments have you been given?

I am currently on 3 very strong antibiotics a day which thru a chemist cost $1000 a month, I get it prescribed thru a compounding chemist at $200 a month. It is designed for the gut only. Then I am having a faeces transplant. With my husband being the donor, it is all done in hospital. First of all my husband and I have to have some tests done tlO confirm he is a suitable donor. Don't hesitate to contact me again cheers

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