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I have had an awful weekend with severe bloating and bowel pain. I have been diagnosed with slow transit constipation (the nerves and muscles in my bowel don't work) I had major surgery last year to remove 1/3 of my large bowel due to obstruction. I was so bloated last night I found it hard to breath as my tummy was pushing up under my ribs. I am on a gluten, dairy and soya free diet and have not felt this bad since my surgery 18 months ago. I have had loads of laxido today but not passed anything yet. Do any of you get this bloated and what do you do to help? I almost went to the hospital last night as I was worried I had another obstruction. The pain was not as bad as when I used to get obstruction which was like having contractions and being in labour. I look 6 months pregnant my tummy is so big and rock hard. 😩.

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  • Hey I'm in a similar boat. I haven't been diagnosed with a bowel condition as of yet but suffer from chronic constipation. Currently I haven't been for 14 days. Went to a&e and they advised me to take movicol. Have you tried it?

  • I take laxido which is the same as movicol. I usually take 2 a day plus magnesium which seams to work so not sure what has gone wrong this weekend. Before my surgery I was on 4 laxido, 250mg of linzess and magnesium hydroxide and still getting obstruction. I had the shape marker test to diagnosed my slow transit constipation. Do you find movicol helps you?

  • The doc said I wasn't taking it properly because I was taking 3 a day and said to take 8 sachets a day within 6 hours. So far I've had 4 but it just so filling I can't handle all the fluids. But he said that should help the impaction break down over a few days

  • If you are impacted you may need to use glycerin suppositories to break it down if the movicol doesn't work.

  • Hey, believe me I've used everything..all the oral laxatives you could think of..Had an x ray which showed all the poo, an enema..nothing came out. Went back to hosp on the Thursday they down another x ray, plenty of impaction, reveal examination was clear no stools, and two enemas, literally screaming in a&e with no luck 😳

  • OMg you poor thing. I've got a "spastic colon" and ?diverticular disease. I use movicol daily, you need to take a lot of it to break down impaction up to 10 a day, plenty I fluids and if you can walking around to help the natural motion of the bowel work.

    also have you tried dulcolax suppositories? They contain bisocodyl quite a powerful stimulant to get things moving.

    I know you Sa you are on a dairy, gluten and soya free diet But have you definitely got those allergies?

    have you looked at what other foods could be causing problems? I found out that with me it was too much fibre, I ate loads I fruit and salads, all onion based sauces, garlic, chilli etc are a big problem for me, anything that causes excess gas is a no no as makes me more likely to find passing stools impossible.

    lots of fluids, gentle exercise, swimming even helps, if walking is more difficult. Avoid taking ibuprofen its really bad for the bowel, paracetamol is ok.

    hope you both find some relief soon, I've been in hospital myself screaming in pain its as bad as labour😞

  • Am feeling a bit better today although still got lower bowel pain. My colorectal surgeon told me to go gluten dairy and soya free. I do eat salad and fruit though. I tend to eat the same thing every day as eating different foods upsets me. 😩

  • A couple of coffee shots, and a walk might help

  • Hey I'm currently going through this also. Suffer from severe constipation and was also diagnosed with slow transit constipation (although I don't actually feel like I need to go). Had movicol, fybogel, Chinese teas everything. Then went to a&e from shooting pains in my rectum and terrible bloating. Had an X-ray which showed the impaction. Fobbed me with an enema although there was no stool in the rectum. 2 weeks later still no movement, had picolax, moviprep..nothing. My consultant decided to admit me over the weekend and try to get the stool out. Ended up in there 8 days, followed by a colonoscopy.

  • Did the colonoscopy show up anything? Mine said my bowel was very long, loopy and floppy. What is your next plan of action? I spent 2 years in and out of hospital before I had surgery. Best of luck to you.

  • They just said everything looked fine, baring in mind I still had some faeces in the colon as the bowel prep didn't really work. Took a biopsy so waiting for the results of that. But will be having some colon transit studies in the next few weeks.

    Aw that's crazy, what were your symptoms beforehand that led you to being diagnosed? x

  • I got rushed to hospital with severe tummy pain and the X-ray showed my bowel was loaded with poo and had folded over itself causing obstruction. This went on for 2 years with over 15 stays in hospital. Had every scan camera and test going. They tried treating me with various laxatives but still ended up with obstruction. The only option in the end was surgery to remove 1/3 of my large bowel. I also have a severe under active thyroid which doesn't help my bowel function. Am now just on laxido and on a gluten, dairy and soya free diet. Still get problems but nothing like before my surgery. Best of luck for your transit study.

  • most of the time I am constipated and feeling very bloated you should try drinking prunes juice it really helped me :)

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