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Anyone have trouble with severe bloating on going to bed?


Does anyone have my problem? my gut can feel relatively ok during the day but within 5 minutes of going to bed and lying horizontal severe bloating starts and I find I cannot get to sleep with the discomfort. I often have to get up and sit in a chair for an hour or more in the middle of the night. I often feel tired because of this. I am no longer in paid work thank goodness as I don t know how I could hold a job down now. I am extemely careful about what I eat and portion size.

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my bloating occurs more or less on a daily basis and if it hasn't subsided I can't sleep. I'm researching. Feel better!

marie-therese in reply to PatV

thanks for replyPatV. I know I should feel grateful that for several days a week my gut does feel ok during the day even if I get bad bloating at night. Reading about other people's problems makes me realise I could be even worse off.Hope you get some relief.

Thanks. Don't give up :)

I do! It's dreadful. Years of bloat and no sleep. Tonight its 3 20 am and I'm still bloated and awake! Its exactly as you describe! Cant take sleeping makes everything worse in the long run. I get tired and very depressed through lack of sleep. My mental state during these periods is very poor. If I eat something small, it settles sometimes but not always..and its very bad for the body to eat during the night. I'm so sick of this. Life s intolerable :-( it can take weeks for the cycle to end. I cut my eating to a minimum and eat very basic sloppy foods as if I had a stomach boiled fish..mash spices...just toast eggs...its very hard!

Stopped checking to see if any answer to my question so didn't see yours - sorry! yours the only one so far. I have tried the FODMAPS elimination diet and that has helped. I don't take certain vegs now like broccoli, cabbage, sprouts onions, garlic, mushrooms. I also have found lactose free dairy products suit me better. find I can eat wheat products but in moderation. Still keeping off the fruit which could cause problems such as apples , pears tinned fruit but there's still lots of choice. Bloating at night does not happen as often - perhaps if I've used a sauce say that has some not so suitable items in it. Then my tummy can be ok prior to going to bed but after lying flat for say 1/2 hour the bloating starts.

Hope you've been having some respite from the cycle lately.

I had the same problem for a while now. After trying a lot of medicines and remedies, I found that Yoga and Meditation can work wonders. 1 week into my regular practice and I am able to finally sleep like I used to before..

Doing yoga and also going on a quick 20 minute stroll usually helped me out I had the same problems a year back but after studying medicine I learnt exercise before bed can help with de-bloating

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