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IBS weight loss struggles


hi everyone, I am 20 years old and I weigh 15st 5lb I suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. I am looking for motivation and support to loose weight :)

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Are you intolerant of any food groups ?

MissSKOctober in reply to Hidden

I think I might be but am not sure when I have whole milk I get alot of cramping in my stomach

Hidden in reply to MissSKOctober

You may be intolerant of dairy

You could try a dairy free diet for at leadt 2/3 weeks and keep a food and symptom diary to see what changes there might be. You should try leaving only one food group out of your diet at a time otherwise you won't know what is or is not working

You could try the FODMAP diet which seems to suit a lot of people

However you may not lose weight doing this - try to cut down on fatty foods

I'm on a dairy free diet which keeps my symptoms at bay but I haven't lost any weight !!!

MissSKOctober in reply to Hidden

thank you I haven't tried a FODMAP diet before I think I might change over to dairy free products and see how I get on

Hidden in reply to MissSKOctober

I would suggest Alpro milk as I've found that the cheaper supermarket own brands split when put into hot drinks. Also I don't like it in tea. Their yogurts are nice

Don't try only lactose free products or dairy free cheese - it's horrible

Use Pure spread for all your cooking

Fancymom33 in reply to Hidden

Try giving up gluten too! I've been gluten free AND dairy free for several years and can basically eat whatever I want (that's gluten & dairy free of course) and don't really gain weight & I'm 48 yrs old

Hi you don't need to diet if you can try this book Eating for the Sentive Gut, you can get it on Amazon it costs just under £14 I have found it really good and it tells you all about IBS does and don't food groups and fodmap which is about the food intolerance that you might have. It's got loads of yummy recipes and also vegeterian recipes as well. Hope this helps

thank you I might give this a try as I have a special birthday coming up 😊

Hi Sheza

I've been on Fodmap for a month and lost 6.5lbs which is amazing for me as I am 14st and I was doing it for helping the IBS but it's as though my body is starting to work properly! I am lactose and soya intolerant which is great fun but I enjoy all the lactose free products where possible and where it isn't possible (like chocolate or eating out...) I use a lactase tablet and I'm fine. Good Luck!

thank you where could I find FODMAP diet plan that I can download 😊

Hi Sheza

If you go to the Play store on your phone and put in Monash fodmap it will bring up the app. There is a charge but it's not huge and it's really worth it!

Hope that helps! I am being referred to a FODMAP dietitian via my GP as you can follow it for about 2 months as an elimination diet but after that it is advisable to have a specifically qualified dietitian. NHS website advises this and gives a link to the Kings college hospital qualified dietitians in your area if that helps?

All the best

Come over and join us on the Couch to 5k running forum. Running has helped with my IBS. For me it reduces stress and helps to pass wind. And it feels great and gets you fitter.

Do you feel you have put on weight since having IBS? If so the irregular bowel movements. those who suffer from constipation may find themselves carrying extra weight around mid region. I too have put on excess weight since being on IBS medication which slows my my metabolic rate, I find only light work out & good diet helps, very slowly.

Try Pranayam you will be able to eradicate IBS completely

Hi Before i found out that i had ibs i put weight on which was completely out of character for me and i realised myself that gluten wheat and dairy were not suiting me so i cut those foods out.i lost weight very quickly and my ibs was getting worse but i only got diagnosed 3 years ago A dietition advised what to cut out and it was more or less the low fodmap diet Now i feel as though i have lost to much weight and it is hard to put it on I have just started to take alflorex probiotic only 4 days in it's all trial and error but I will see how it goes It suits some people and not others Don't know whether this has been helpful

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