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IBS, low FOODMAP diet and weight loss

can anyone help im unsure if my sudden weight loss is due to my change in diet or something else. First thankyou to all those people who suggested i tried the foodmap diet. I have been doing it now for around three months and am now pain free most days unless like other people i stray from the path. However my problem now is since doing this i have lost over a stone in weight and can fit in cloths i never thought would see the light of day again. My problem is that the weight doesnt seem to be stabilising it just keeps dropping off and i am now getting a little bit worried .

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Hi ttrojen,

Firstly, it's great to know that FODMAPs has helped you so much.

I think it's common to have weight loss on this diet, I certainly did and frightened myself to death about it as I didn't weigh much to start with! To deal with it, I increased my intake of bulk foods such as potatoes, corn pasta and tortillas which, slowly but surely, worked and my weight has gradually increased to a normal level. If you can eat rice and oats (which I can't), eating more of these should help too.




I'm about to begin this diet and am just researching it all at the minute. Though I think I'll have to tweak it, as there are some things on the low fodmap list which I dont think agree with me. Hopefully I will see a reduction in symptoms.

I would be interested to keep up with your journey. If you want to find out about my progress you can follow my blog at mylifewithibs.com.

I think my only concern is around lunchtime meals, about 'safe' foods to eat on the go. I'm trying to find some decent gluten-free bread at the minute, just to make things a bit easier.

Anyway, good luck x


Gluten-free bread may help if it's definitely gluten you're intolerant of, but it could equally well be the fructans contained in wheat, barley and rye which is giving you a problem.

At lunchtimes, I eat tortillas or crackers made with corn (maize) which are a good bread alternative.

Best FODMAPs info is at the Monash Uni site where the diet was developed and also in Patsy Catsos's book, 'IBS-Free At Last' which goes into a lot of detail. Most other web info about the diet is outdated and often just plain wrong. Even the NHS version isn't as strict as Monash. I also have to omit some 'safe' foods alongside low FODMAPs, e.g. rice, oats, all melon varieties, grapes, blueberries and some others.



hi paganmoon. i agree with you on the gluten if it is that however i tried gluten free bread and i couldnt get on with it so i now have rice cakes and an occassional wrap or tortillas for my lunch. Luckily i never ate much at lunch so don't feel to empty after eating these things


hi ksheridan, thanks for the reply. i am still doing ok and pain free although as we know every day is different. I am soon going to try and start reintroducing foods i have cut out to see if i can narrow down more what it is that sets me off as at the moment i have a very limited diet having cut out all wheat and dairy products as well as a lot of other foods on the foodmap diet which it says are no good for you


Thanks for your response, where do you buy your tortillas from? Most of the brands I've seen have wheat, so I'm still looking for alternatives at the minute.

My local sainsburys looks like it has a good free-from range so I'm going to check that out tomorrow. I know my best bet is to cook my own stuff from scratch but thats not always going to be convenient, so I'm thinking that wheat-free crackers and tortillas like you suggested would work well for my lunch time meals.

Also going to check info out that you have mentioned as I'm keen to read as much as possible on this diet to give it the best chance. Really appreciate the info! x


I order my maize tortillas online from mexgrocer.co.uk, they keep in the fridge for ages and also freeze well.

You can buy corn crackers from some big supermarkets, but check the ingredients as many have unsuitable additives. Goodness Direct and Real Foods are very good free-from online grocers with all ingredients listed per product.

Be very careful with processed foods as they contain some pretty vicious preservatives, gums and sweeteners - any of these ending in -ol, e.g. sorbitol, xylitol and friends are a real no-no on FODMAPs as you'll discover for yourself.


Hi, thanks for the info, that website looks pretty good.

I know what you mean with processed foods, a lot of them contain ingredients what are not suitable. Was having a look in the free from aisle at supermarket this morning, and some of it isnt really suitable, but Ive bought a few things which I think are ok to try.

In general I'm going to aim for natural foods, but its handy to have snacks around. I think I'm going to buy some nuts, bananas and blueberries so I have something decent to snack on, when nausea is bad and I'm struggling with full meals.


Be careful with blueberries as there have been several comments on here from people who don't get on with them - me included!


I 'm ok with them, or it could be that I've not identified them as a trigger I guess. Thanks for the tip though!


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