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Is this ibs ?

Everytime after I eat something I get cramps pains . I get this really sharp pain under my rib left side . It's super sharp and I still don't know what it is . I have frequent bowel movements usually 1 hr after I eat food . And that sharp pain happens 30 min after I eat food . Please someone help as if this is just one of the many problems I'm going through . I'm only 16 and worried sick .

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Your colon runs up your right side under the ribs over to the left and down the left side I sometimes get pain under my ribs if I've got bad wind. Your stomach is also positioned there so could be something wrong with your stomach? Like over producing stomach acid or a food intolerance? Have you been to see a GP?


You're possibly experiencing heart burn. When you eat food your stomach produces acid to help with digestion. Normally that isn't a problem but sometimes the stomach doesn't get properly shut off from the oesophagus that brings food to it. If the acid escapes it can irritate the oesophagus causing pain. You can buy a couple of related drugs over the counter to help with this: omeprazole and ezomeprazole. However, it won't treat the cause of the symptoms. it sounds like you're a little stressed and anxious at the moment. Is that true? When we're feeling like that, the smooth muscles - such as our those in our gut - can behave a little unpredictably e.g. moving too fast or not closing properly. That would account for both of the things you mentioned: the pain and the bowel movements. That said, I wouldn't have thought a bowel movement an hour after food to be too unusual as eating also stimulates the muscles that move food through the gut.


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