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Possible ibs?!?!?

Hi guys I'm new here and was just looking for a bit of advice. I've been suffering since March this year with undiagnosed pain in my upper right side which goes through to my upper back. It's sometimes a cramping pain but more often then not its more of a sharp stabbing pain. I sometime get it on my upper left side to but not as often. No pain killers work even tramadol! So far I've had an ultrasound, ct scan and endoscopy and all have been fine except a slightly dilated bile duct on the untrasound. Bloods always seem fine apart from 2 occasions where my billarubin levels spiked slightly. I've seen a gastro specialist once up to now who prodded my side and that was it telling me to manage the best I could til I saw him again in 3 months (which is next month). My symptoms are upper right sided pain especially after eating greasy food, lethargy, brain fog, poor appetite, feeling cold all the time, cold sweats and constipation (could be down to poor diet) I've tried a few things like changing to soya milk, I've ruled out bread as a trigger as I'm fine with that and up to now the only triggers I've got are cheese, icecream (I am fine with milk and yoghurt though) greasy food and malteasers. The "attacks" I've had have lasted from a few hrs up to 3 days with just constant pain. And I never seem to go longer then a few days with no pain. I was adamant it was my gall bladder but docs have said no and suggested possible ibs. My friend who suffers badly with it says some symptoms are similar but she wouldn't say it is. Could anyone offer any advice. I'm wanting to go armed with as much info when I see the specialist next time. Thank you in advance xxx

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Doctor is best but i'd maybe guess gallblaďder or gall stones especially if greasy food id making it worse. Doc will confirm this or not. Easy op, i was in for 5 hours and back to work after 1 week


Sounds like gall bladder to me. They can only rule it out by doing a scan on the gall bladder surely...


I agree with the others and your initial assessment that it really sounds like gallstones. I'd address this issue with your doctor again and ask for a scan of the gallbladder specifically.



I was going to ask if they had looked for stones. That pain is really bad and can go as far as the right shoulder. I see other people have mentioned it already and I guess a scan would have showed it. It is easy to underestimate the pain caused by bloating that comes with IBS. Certain foods can trigger IBS episodes where your body just objects to what you have eaten. Cramping pains, Diarrhea / constipation, nausea etc all wreck havoc on you. Everyone has different levels of symptoms and there is no conclusive test for IBS. Other things just have to be ruled out.

One thing not mentioned so far is the Hydrogen breath test to rule out Bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine. This bacteria produces a lot of gas that can cause pain. The test is easy it's just like a breathalizer after drinking a glucose solution. If positive it will result in a course of anti biotics. The pain with this overgrowth is felt at the top of the small intestine so quite high and might mirror the area you feel it.

Good luck and let us know how you get on


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Thank you for all of your replies 😊 I'm almost certain it's my gall bladder from what I've heard. I had an ultra sound which showed no stones but a dilated bile duct and with the elevated billarubin levels it's pointing that way. Ive heard gall bladder sludge doesnt show on tests all the time and also the gall bladder can inflame without stones. The specialist I'm under I can only describe as useless. It's my doc that's arranged all the tests and when I saw him last time I'd waited 2 months to see him for him just to say he would review my tests and see me again in 3 months and to manage the best I could til then. I'd seen him once before when I had been admitted through a&e and he said he'd send me for the gallbladder test providing the endoscopy was fine and he backtracked on that. I mention I got pain in back back and he acted clueless saying maybe that was muscle related and he'd not heard of it in gall bladder problems. I'm more annoyed that it works out 4 months not 3 that ive got to wait and in that time I could have had so many more tests to either diagnose or rule out things so now when I see him ill have to wait again for test appointments. I have no doubt how painful ibs is I have a few friends that suffer. I just find it so strange that everyone I speak to says gall bladder, everything I've read points to gall bladder and the specialist is so sure it's not.



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