Is this normal?

Hi all,

Just wanted to see if others have similar symptoms to me.

It started really with lower back ache, I was given anti biotics as they thought it was a UTI. It seems to be after this I started having trouble.

I have:

A change in bowel movement, not quite diarrhoea but loose and then constipation.

Gas, this is the worst symptom, whenever I move, drink or eat I burp. Also get lots of rumbling and gurgling in my stomach and sometimes indigestion. I have also began having a sort throat and in turn an occasional raspy voice.

Recently I have started having a pain under my left breast, sometimes it's sharp and other it's a dull pain.

I cannot link any of this to food, I have kept diarys and tried the usual meds and I am now petrified that I have stomach cancer.

I have a gastro appointment but that's not till January so I'm going to go back to my GP next week.

Thanks for reading


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  • I have exactly the same symptoms as you but mine was put down to anxiety by the GP as I’m 28 and stomach cancer is unlikely at my age. Got to wait for more tests at hospital but that’s a month away.

  • Hi,

    Thank you for your reply. Mine could be linked to stress/anxiety to, as my mum was diagnosed with cancer last year and it came on just after she went in for her operation.


  • Hey, yeah no harm in having tests and just getting checked out to be safe and take a worry of your mind. I have a lot of health anxiety so have a lot of stomach problems from that but urine samples and stuff have come back normal. Yeah that can cause a lot and stress and worry dealing with a family member having cancer. Xx

  • You might google SIBO. Sometimes it turns up or gets worse after antibiotics. I'm getting treated for it now and have many of the symptoms you mention

  • Sorry to know of your moms heath struggles. My mom had cancer too and it definitely hurts and makes our own health stuff more scary. It is always good to get checked but also does seem cancer is not the most likely cause of symptoms. I usually go ahead and get checked and keep reminding myself that the probability of the worst case scenario is low

  • Hi,

    Those symptoms are very like the ones associated with gallstones, especially the upper abdominal pain and the related back pain.

    However, there’s nothing worse than amateur diagnose-ers(!), so it’s good to hear that you have an appointment soon!

    Gallstones can cause pretty excruciating pain, so I’d perhaps query whether they might be the cause, if the doctors don’t suggest it.

    I hope things soon improve for you.

  • I’m sorry you’re suffering . I can suggest trying to rebalance your gut with a probiotic such as Symprove or any of the good ones which get past gut acid . Upper epigastruc pain is very broad and you must see your GP . Get Crp , faecal elastase and calprotectin levels done - you’ll need a stool sample ( soft ) . It’s too early to diagnose anything but I wish you well and let me know how you get on . Simon

  • Smurfer.have you tried symptoms?

  • Sorry , not sure what you mean by symptoms?

  • Sorry. Predictive text 😠😠I mean symprove!

  • I have been to the gp numous times, I've had full blood count and a pelvic ultra sound. He has now referred to gastro but that's not till 8th January. Have a gp appointment booked for a weeks time

  • I have had similar symptoms on and off for years. Have many of them now. Have had 2 endoscopies over the years. Diagnosed with functional dyspepsia. No back ache though

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