Intestinal period like cramps?

I've been sick for over a year now, colonoscopy showed redness in the area I tend to hurt but doc said its nothing..? Recently I have been getting period like cramps up and down my sides. It is quite unbearable.. I already know corn products stop my system completely so I stay away from that.. But I am so afraid everytime I eat or have a bm. Anyone else sufer with this? I also have the mirena IUD if that helps any.. Making an appointment to get it removed because I was doing a timeline of when my problems originally started and it was just after the mirena was inserted!

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  • Have you tried keeping a food diary to see what triggers your problems. I suffer from colitis and wheat is my main problem and that includes corn.

  • What does colitis feel like? I often wondered if that is my problem.. At this point im living off of chicken salad. Seems to be the only thing that i can eat without being in too much pain. But im also only able to eat once a day right now. It started when we went on vacation a few weeks ago. I had to eat all the things i wouldn't normally eat, which brought on terrible C and still im not back to my normal yet. Seems like if i don't have a full bm everyday(which is almost never) i am miserable.. Especially at night

  • Colitis for me is stomach cramps and bloating and going to the loo more than once a day. I find certain foods trigger mine, have to watch what I eat hope this helps

  • Try eating Paleo and Low FODMAP. This really helped me

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