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Suspected ibs

Hi folks I'm new to this page and was just lookin some advice from all u IBS sufferers, up until 2 months ago i was on strong medication for chronic oain, the side effects being constipation, after 6yrs of feelin rubbish i decided to manage my own pain and weaned off 25 tablets a day, since then i have experienced chronic diarrhea, so chronic i dont get a warning, doin a wee and il hav a motion as well, recent blood tests showed i was low in iron and as i cud go up to 10 times a day my doctor has referred me fot a colonoscopy, my general feelin is im uncomfortable in my tummy, very windy and i always feel oressure like i need to the loo even after just goin, does this sound like ibs



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It could be IBS or it could be something else. As you know from your own experience, pain relief can cause constipation so if you've been on it for years it might be taking your body time to readjust. I suspect your doctor is concerned about the low iron levels so the colonoscopy will probably be to rule out other causes for that. However, the low iron could equally be caused by food flushing through your system too quickly. I'd say wait for a diagnosis from your doctor.


Thankyou for ur reply, I was just thinking that my medication was masking an underlying issue, my mum has just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and polyps after having a colonoscopy, im stuck in the house as I need to b near the loo at all times, I'm not used to this as I was lucky to go to the loo once a wk, its so unpredictable it wud b easy to have an accident, hopefully I'll have an appointment soon


Sounds like it could be Ulcerative Colitis to me but the colonoscopy will tell whether or not that's the case.

Good luck anyway.

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