IBS through the night

Hi everyone, since June I am up 2-5 times a night with bowels it's worse after a meal like a roast dinner .... Tonight the pain was so bad my heart was pounding I go all hot as if I going to faint. We had a terrible robbery and this has flared up since before then I was ok however 10 years I go I had compylobacter and terrible IBS after that for 4 years however it never woke me like it does now. Starting to cut foods out like the old days now I had a roast dinner today as it was Boxing Day ! anyone else up in the night ? I have had cameras and tests all normal seems foods trigger it of I just have white toast for tea I sleep better but still up twice but last night was 6 times :( please reply if you can.

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  • Have you tried the Low FODMAP diet - elimination for 8 weeks and then re-introduce groups? It didn't show up any particular foods for me but since doing it I have been so much better. I think my tummy needed a 'holiday'.

  • Hi Sammie, I really empathise with you (not that that's much help ) I can only tell you a bit of my story. I've suffered chronic IBS for well over 12years now, it never leaves me,but over that time it has changed from C toD now a BM after every meal, and each time I go the pain gets worse. However I can honestly say it has never woke me up at night that's providing I can get to sleep in the first place.(I take sleeping pills if I can't get my sleep I can't deal with the pain ). I was told by my last gastrologist (there's been a few ) my problem was down to a dysfunctional bowel, like you I've had all the tests. So now on Wednesday I'm off to see a Gastrologist /hypnotherapist . If he can sort me out he can sort anybody out. I suggest you see your GP again you need sleep to cope with days, and you also need food. Go back to your GP stamp your feet and tell him you need help. Take care here's a Big Hug x

  • Please let me know how you get on on weds, hope your coping okay over Xmas ... Can you tolerate caffeine ? I have come off it as it was aggravating me x

  • Oh and also try Ginger tea it helps settle your tummy.

  • Hi Gemini , Ginger tea ? Not heard of that I have tried peppermint and chamomile thx I will do. I have had cameras in womb and bladder bit not bowel I expect it to be normal though. I take half an Imodium IBS too before bed hoping it will let me sleep but I always wake up at 12 then 4 for a BM I think your body can get in a habit too don't you ? Sorry to hear you have it bad how old are you ? A few of my friends have bad IBS in their 40's when been through stress too ... I don't think drs quite get it .. Have you tried Imodium ? After my god poisoning I was on 6 a day else I couldn't leave the house I did get right for many years and could manage coffee etc but not now since our traumatic robbery xx

  • Hi again Sammie, my main drink is water with a slice of lemon I have a glass by me all day,I know what you might think oh that's citrus, but lemons react differently when they hit your mouth,Google it and you'll see how good it is. If I have a drink in the day it's either Ginger,green tea,which both are supposed to settle your Tum. I have a cup of camomile at night to help me sleep. When it comes to fruit I think you ought to judge that by your BM,the best fruits though are any that end in berry apart from blackberry. Veg I think someone mentioned Peas well I agree it's the shells, Ithink you ought to just think fresh rather than tinned. No shells,no skins. I can get away with the odd coffee,but I do Beleive what suits one don't suit all so really have to work your own body out. (I wish ) I have also had all the tests that you've had,but I also had a colonoscopy and I think that's the only one to determine IBS.After that I think it's a bit hit and miss,I just wish I could have a few more hits ha ha. I've never in 12yrs had a drug that actually works ,I don't think there is one. As someone else said to you GP haven't got a clue,but as I've found out you've got to go and stamp your feet a bit to get the help you need. I've had about 6 gastrologist over the years,but someone recommended one to me I went and asked my GP to send me to him (can't think of the word you use now ) and I've now got to the top of the tree. ( now hopeing for a miricle.) anyway I think I've ranted on enough now so if your not happy with your health go back to your GP and stamp your feet,also try and remember your unique and we don't all work the same. Take good care of yourself Sammie,and good luck. PS were all here for you you ever feel you need to sound off.

  • Hi Sammie, my biggest trigger is white bread, one slice and i am rolling on the floor, along with anything that has a skin ie; dried fruit, fresh fruit, veggies, especially peas (but not marrow fat) go through me violently. And the strange thing is, they are all foods i was raised on, being a farmers son they have been a major part of my diet, but something changed my system and now unable to tolerate.

    Always have been a anxious/nervous type and it really does get worse during times of anxiety

  • Hi isn't it weird how your body just decides to do this to us so any people have it. Being a farmers son do you eat much meat ? I find beef awful has me up a lot in the night bolognese too and rich sauces. Bananas are ok how do you get on with these ? Are you on medication ? I am not I have tried the IBS pills for me they made me worse I take half an Imodium each night just take the edge off the pain .... Hope your coping ok with Christmas x

  • Hi Sammie snap to a rubbish Xmas, my i.b.s was so bad it ruined my Xmas day! However on Boxing I took a dose of Kolanticon gel which is an antispasmodic, ate and ignored i.b.s. I had enough on Xmas day. Just do what you think is right, get back to your doctors and beg for support, I did and I've finally after 6 months got the help I needed c.b.t in January someone has finally realised I'm completely stressed! Good luck it's fabulous!

  • Thankyou for mentioning kolanticon I had never heard of it I will take some this Evg it hope it makes a difference, boots didn't have it I ended up at a chemist some miles away. Hope your tummy is settled now after the Christmas activity xx

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