Suffering badly with IBS

Hi everyone, I haven't posted on here for awhile. I would just like a bit of advice off anyone who has tried Apple Cider Vinegar for IBS. I suffer chronic IBS,and it's just getting me down the constant spasms. I think I read on here once before someone had found Apple Cider Vinegar had helped with IBS. Any advice would be welcomed. Has anyone got any other advice, I'm at my wits end.

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  • Hi fellow sufferer, it's so nice to have a forum like this to speak on. Who told you apple was good? I haven't had any apple for years as it just worsened my i.b.s but even before my diagnosis was making me very sick so it's not a good foodstuff the dietician's will tell you it's too acetic! Good luck finding something else it's a definite no-no from me!

  • Hi, as you say fellow sufferer,I was told by a few people on this site that Apple cider vinegar worked for IBS,I was also told by Holland and Barrett,and I have a two books here that say it is good for the digestive system. I agree with you with what dietitians say as I had one for awhile who tried me on the Fodmap diet,it did no good at all. I've been suffering this daily for about 6-7yrs, and I'm looking up everything I can find just for some relief. Besides the pain I feel as though I've got a football team in my Tum,I also look 6mths pregnant. Sorry to have ranted on so long, but if your a fellow sufferer you'll understand. One more thing unlike most people,I can't find anything that triggers it because it's there from morning till night. Take Care. Any suggestions Welcolme

  • Hi Gemini71, I have had IBS for over 15 years and have suffered terrible over the years, tried all sorts from the GP and tried Aloe Vera, peppermint, you name it, I've probably tried it and nothing worked very well. But around 3 months ago I started taking Probiotica 7 from Holland & Barrett and it has changed my IBS completely. It is just so, so much better than it was. I still have to watch what I eat, but no more feeling ill, sick and bloated every morning, no more in and out of the toilet 4 or 5 times in a morning. It has made a marvellous difference. I just take two capsules a day, one am and one tea time, although you can take up to 4 a day. Please, give them a try, you won't be disappointed.

  • Hi Mich, I'm back again ,you said you take probiotic 7 but when I looked in Holland and Barrett there were two different ones, which one do you mean. The boxes were different colours. If you could just tell me which one to take I want to give it a go. Appreciate your answer.

  • Hi Gemini71, saw you were asking Mitch about probiotic 7 , did you find out which one he

    had taken. Like most IBS sufferers, tried so many different things, so was very interested

    to hear someone reccomend something. Would appreciate an answer.

  • I'm As desperate as you and no he hasn't . I'll get back to you later I've got a complaining man wanting his tea. Speak to you soon.

  • Hi,Suzique, Sorry about that I had my husband complaining he wanted his tea, I know that sounds bad because he really does look after me. Anyway back to the Probiotica7,mich hasn't got back to me and I've asked him twice now. What I'm going to do if he don't answer me is go and read on the boxes in Holland and Barrett ,and have a chat with the ladies in there they are quite helpful. I know it's expensive about £18 but I don't know how long that's for. If he don't get back to me I'll let you know what they tell me. I really do know how desperate,and debilatating IBS can be, Beleive me I go through every book,web sites,Google,and Gastrologist I can to try to help myself. BIG HUG from me in the meantime.

  • Thanks Gemini71, Return the hug

  • There you go susieque, have you got it. Prbio7 green box, or red box a bit stronger.

  • A box of Probio7 has 100 capsules and at my 2 a day that's 50 days, so not bad really for the price, worth every penny. x

  • Hi Gemini, I buy the Probio 7 which is the mainly green box, I think the other box is red if I remember rightly. The red box is a stronger probiotic it has 8million good bacteria instead of 5million, so it is a little stronger, but it does cost more money. I find the green box is fine and as I said you can use up to 4 a day but I only need 2, so you'll probably be fine on the green box. I now also take one Aloe Vera tablet a day along side my Probio7 capsules (Holland & Barrett) just to see if that improves things any further. But the Probio7 should set you up a treat. I can't recommend them enough and wish I'd found them years ago. And yes stress does make IBS much worse, (I read someone mentioned earlier), you can ask your doctor for Amitriptylene which helps calm nerve endings to help ease stress levels. Michelle x

  • Thank you mich, I've seen that on here before, but my Gastrologist told me probiotics are a waste of money. But lately there's been that many problems I've had with my GP that I'm beginning to wonder if any of them no what there talking about. Anyway I was in Holland and Barrett yesterday and I was looking at that but, i think there were two different ones ,as they were different colour boxes. Which one are you talking about. I'll give anything a try . I'm like you ive had this (besides lots of more serious problems ) for about 12yrs,but it's been chronic IBS for about 6-7yrs and like you ive tried everything I can,tests,5 Gastrologist,and New Years eve I'm in Manchester for Hypnotherepy. It's absolutely taken mine and my husbands life over. OK RANT OVER

  • Hi fellow sufferer again! I read your comments with interest and I agree that after so many years you want answers, I do too. They think they've finally found my trigger - stress, have you ever been told that is what might cause your i.b.s too? I've tried everything over the years aloe, probiotics, fodmaps etc. I'm now on to c.b.t after Christmas, good luck finding your triggers everyone is different!

  • Yes, I am being told that the trauma of my father's tragic death and the anxiety I have subsequently is causing my "tummy troubles". I get very anxious about these symptoms and then they worsen, then I get anxious and the cycle continues. It's hard for me to believe that anxiety can cause such upset. The spasms under my right rib and the radiating back discomfort bother me the most. It feels like huge muscle back sprain. How about you??

  • Hi, yes I was told it was a dysfunctional Bowel. Whether I believe that or not I don't know,considering I've tried everything. But like I say New Years Eve I am seeing a Gastrologist/ Hypnotherepist. I think it's about 12 sessions then he teaches you to do it to yourself. I don't know if it will work but I've tried everything else,so got nothing to loose. You know what they say. Don't knock it till you've tried it. I've read up on this particular Gastrologist and his results are quite positive. So fingers crossed. Take Care

  • Hi Lynnfied, I totally understand you with problems caused by a huge stress like a death which definitely worsens i.b.s, I don't know when you lost your dad but it is the hardest thing to cope with and I'm sure mine has got worse since I lost my dad. I have the chance to have c.b.t in the New Year but am now having doubts that this will help. I've tried everything going this is literally the last resort. What else can you suggest since you've suffered too? It's nice to finally find people who understand!

  • Hi, if like me you've been through the system,and tried everything there is, I would give C.B.T a try,you've got nothing to loose. Who knows it may work for you try (hard as it may be ) to think positive. Take Care here's a BIG HUG

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