Herniated lumbar discs and IBS

i have a question...May 2015 I injured my lower back I have 2 herniated discs L5 L4. This instantly started causing sciatica issues (major hip pain, tingling in pinky toe etc.) I have never had any issues with bowels or bladder until March 2016 I ended up in the ER with extreme pain on my right side about 3 finger widths below my rib cage. CT scan was done showed inflamed bowel. Antibiotics have not worked and the severe pain spurts are occasionally. Since March everything has gotten worse. Diarrhea to the point I can't hold it, constipation another day, bladder issues (either can't empty or can't hold it) my question is does all this tie together? Is my lower back injury causing the bowel and bladder issues? If so will surgery on my lower back help relieve this awful pain or is it permanent? Thanks for your help in advance!

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  • Also have horrible indigestion.

  • Could be,medic mentioned a link but I forget details.Worth checking up on,try google before drs appointment

  • I have really bad back pain and have been thru the works to try and reaolve it but all tests came back with nothing. I am convinced that it affects my bowels especially since i now have to take codeine daily my belly symptoms have definately got worse especially diarrhoea that was something iv never ever been bothered with until the last year or so and now its the bain of my life!

  • It is important that your doctor gets your bladder symptoms (and bowel) checked to make sure they are not caused by your back problem. If it is connected, if you delay, your bladder issues could be a permenant problem. Please get it investigated. Some pain meds can cause some bowel issues. However this is the time to ask the experts rather than us.

  • I have seen my doctor and he ordered another Mri which was 2 weeks ago and still haven't got the call to schedule the mri. This is a work related injury. I have a really good doctor but he is being strong armed by the company I used to work for "its their doctor" so I really don't get the truthful answers that I need. I agree with you 100% it has me terrified that it's connected and I'm going to have permanent damage all because a company is worried about money. Thank you so much for your reply

  • If a neurological problem is causing incontinence then if it is not treated within 24-48 hours it can become permanent. I would point that out to your work doctor and say that you will sue them if that turns out to be the case for their negligence/reticence to send you for an MRI/to a neurologist. I would also advise, if your symptoms deteriorate, so you do become incontinent get yourself to A&E immediately. Your GP has probably told you this already.

  • My spine specialist is "their doctor" the company will not give me a release to see another doctor and every other spine doctor I've contacted wants one except my Family doc. I am making an appointment with him today with hopes that I can get some truth since he's not connected to the company.

  • Hi,

    I do know of someone who had these symptoms and after back surgery the symptoms of lack of control of bowel and bladder were much improved. But I don't have personal exp[erience although I do have chronic IBS D and a back condition.Hope you get the help you need.

  • Hi have had back problems for over fifty years, and know for sure they can cause

    All manner of health problems, nerve impulses are disrupted, causing mal-function of

    Of vital organs, watch out for pain killers I gave them up years ago, they can do more harm than good, you may have cauda equina, I am waiting for test results, as my legs and feet are going numb, the trouble is you rarely get the highly qualified, people you need to get a correct diagnosis,

    Regards Bryan

  • HI,

    Looks like you live in US.

    Im not a medic but could this be appendicitis not connected to your low back problem.

    Antibiotics are know to give one extreme problems with bowel bladder and so forth.

    I would have thought that this is a reaction from the antibiotics.

    Inflamed bowel can be the case with appendicitis.

    If so this may be a wait and see situation.

    Just a thought.


  • It all started before they put me on 7 days of antibiotics. I had my appendicitis about 10 years ago and it removed also my gallbladder was removed 8 years ago.

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