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Whats everyone's ibs symptoms?

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This is just a question out of interest.I'm not sure if mine are all connected to ibs but here go's.

Acid reflux


Lower abdominal cramps

Lower back pain

Upper back pain

Chest pain


Constant urge to poo

Stomach gurgling

13 Replies
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Ever hear of the Rome criteria? It's what docs use:


See if that helps. It's a little more focused on bowel movements than what you've described.

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I get loose bowel movements in the morning, but not every day. That's not related to what I eat. It isn't related to stress either with me, as I live a pretty stress free life generally. It just seems to do that when it wants to.

I can also get times when I get discomfort about 4 hrs after dinner in the evening. It lasts maybe 30 minutes or an hour then goes. In my lower abdomen. It's not pain at all, just an "ominous" feeling of discomfort, which disappears.I get some distension in lower abdomen sometimes, then it mysteriously disappears for ages....etc

That doesn't happen every night.

I sometimes get trapped wind pains. I also get some kind of anxiety which only happens when I feel negative things in my gut. It's not from any worry or thinking. It's from my gut solely. Sometimes my gut makes me cry. Again it's just a response which starts in my gut.

If my gut works fine, I never get anxiety as a general thing. Maybe it is connected to vagal nerve things when it happens.

I get times without symptoms. That can be anything from one day to weeks. I can feel normal, and have normal bowel movements and apparently, normal digestion!

I can feel great energy, just my normal self, then a few days later can feel terribly exhausted for no apparent reason.

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Deerpark1966 in reply to Luisa22

I totally get where you're coming from with this as I'm exactly the same.I feel like a totally different person when I have a good day with my tummy issues. Currently going through a 4 months plus with a flare up unfortunately. I hope your symptoms improve

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Here goes with my lot. Such fun.

Acid reflux

Nausea mornings

Runny nose


Diarrhoea up to 7/8 times mornings & then normal later in the day

Constant urge some days to go


Noises from stomach

Low left sided pain & sometimes under rib cage on right side

Peeing frequently

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I'm not sure how useful making these sort of lists are, but here's mineIn no particular order

Loose stools every day (BSS 5 or 6 occasionally 7)

Often an urgent need to empty my bowels

When things are going well 2 or 3 movements a day.

Anal leakage - generally of faecal material, occasionally mucus

Flatulence, occasionally with stomach pains

Occasionally pain between my shoulder blades

During a (rare) flare up these things get much worse.

I don't suffer from bloating. I never have constipation.

My IBS is predominantly related to stress, but I'm certain there are other factors that I can't pin down.

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Mine are pretty similar to yours, they are;

Acid reflux

Abdominal pain

Urge to go, but then sitting on the toliet and nothing happens, on a very rare occasion I get the urge to go with little warning (I have ibs-c so that doesent happen often)



Stomach noises

My main triggers I've found are stress (which is hard for me because I do get worked up easily) and holding it in when I need to go (usually when I'm at work)

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Lower abdominal cramps, Nausea, Stomach gurgling, Left side Pain

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Hi, you might be interested in the link below, I posted it on here a couple years ago.


I have most of them!

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similar to yours acid reflux, indigestion, nausea, bloating, burping a lot, stomach pains, constipation, stomach gurgling, the bowels have been better since I gave up dairy and gluten

Have a good evening

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I’ve never posted about my experiences but it might do me good to see it in black and white.

bowel movements always between 5-7 on Bristol chart, odd occasions out of the blue Type 1

Urgency to go😞

Minimum 6/7+ toilet visits everyday

Uncomfortable Bloating

Horrendous vile flatulence all the time



Once or twice a year I experience a 12hr bout of what I describe as birthing contractions which GP linked to heightened anxiety, but I’m not 100% convinced.

Pain/discomfort on right hand side, behind bottom of rib cage.

Feeling of nausea before a bowel movement(thankfully not every time)

I tried the FODMAP Introduction phase but by week5 I felt bowel motions were worse.

I’ve linked some foods and eating habits that affect my ibs and Imodium taking is a fine line between no effect to constipation.

GP prescribed Omeprazole to no effect.

Only times I’ve experienced no symptoms is when I’m poorly.

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Nausea, lower abdominal pain, changing bowel habits, chest pain (but only by left rib cage)

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Multiple trips to the loo

stools ranging from 5-7 on the Bristol stool scale.

Lots of pain mainly in left side of body and really horrible pulling in bottom of stomach as some one is trying to.pull my insides out ,

wind ,

back ache

feeling of not having finished when having a movement,

urgent sensation if don't go have had accidents.

Some times a hot area on left side of the adoman,

tiredness feeling fed up and very down

Lots of wind causing panic as not always just wind

Currently been in flare for just over a month now so this is my daily life. Have had a diagnosis of ibs-d for over 20yrs now.

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I get a acid reflux bloating tummy conspation inchty anus bowel leakage pressure in lower abnormal change in bowel habits so I get big poos then rabbits dropping or normal stools sometimes I get pain in tummy or burning feeling in my left side this is so called ibs gp has said

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