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IBS Pain and enlarged tummy


I am 50 years old.

Had operation in Nov 12 to remove ovarian cyst and bowel was attached to ovary.

Said I have now got IBS and that my bowel is really inflamed.

On peppermint tablets but not working.

Changed diet. The pain is horrendous on left side and my tummy is permanently swollen.

Feel miserable and fed up

Going back to GP but need help with bloating and pain.

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I'm 68 and have had ibs for 28 years - (since hysterectomy at 40)- -I am a person who suffers with anxiety -Do you have an anxiety problem ?

I am taking Mebeverine x 3 daily-20 mins before food-most of the time they work-(if I'm having a meal at home) - GP should give you Mebeverine. You may be an 'air-swallower'which would make you swell up! Also chewing/swallowing slowly.

Look on Wikipedia-it's very useful site!

After abdominal surgery there is usually lot of trapped air in abdomen! Will probably take time to settle! Acidophilus capsules are good for tummy ache/wind-

Have fish /chicken in my diet-very little red meat-(it takes longer to digest red meat)! Broccoli-carrots-also banana-sometimes courgettes.

Good luck -hope you feel better soon.


I agree with you about it taking time. Diet, mild exercise, and rest.



Thank you for reply. I too have had hysterectomy plus, caesarean, appendix, back operation and the recent surgery. Surgeon said scar tissue plays a big part in my troubles.

He said my bowel is very distended because of the scar tissue.

I have tried Mebeverine but couldn't deal with the pain it gave me.

I am trying Aloe Vera at the moment but this seems to give me indigestion!!

I am trying to be positive but I have had so much pain through my time that it is getting me down. Surgeon did say that eventually I will probably have to have some of my bowel removed, but that will present me with other issues.

I am on a very bland diet and have been since before my surgery so cant really determine what is causing the pain food wise.

I am due to see GP this week so hope to get some more help then.


I'm 70 and have had symptoms for 10 years, increasing in severity. My GP gave me anti spasmodic tablets but they are after the start and don't work. I haven't tried Mebeverine but people speak well of it. My GP does not appear to register how ill I am during an attack. It takes 3 days to settle so any work at home or volunteering or grandchildren time just goes on hold. I started a food diary mid Jan. and it was hit and miss at first, as I tended to not be able to identify the bad food but I have learnt to cut back to what I know is fine and introduce food singly. Detective work. Our bodies are unique and what works for me, may not work for the next person. As I talked about it more, I found there were lots of people with it or who had had it during stress and no longer have it. My first break through was my sister in law, an ex nurse, who said skins - tomato, apple, pear, sweetcorn which is a horror. Cauliflower bloats me anyway so that's out. My sister said try probiotics so I have taken them for 2 months and my stomach feels much less acidy. My daughter said cut out caffeine and that has helped. These changes give the stomach and intestines time to heal. If you want a more detailed list - email me.


Have you looked at the FODMAP diet? Lots of info on this site.

Also it seems your Drs are far to keen on cutting you open! Before you think about another op, go and see an acupuncturist and discuss your symptoms...they may be able to help. Or any other Alternative med practioner who will not cut and cause more scar tissue etc etc.


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