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Does anybody bleed with their IBS?

Hi have had IBS for over 10 years the bowel movements are nor too bad it's the gas in the evening that's a pain. My only worry is on occasion after a bowel movement I can bleed quiet a lot . I've had 2 examination in lower bowel with camera which doc says all looks fine. He said some people just bleed I'm now on my second week of constant bleeding on movement surely this can't be normal? Any body else have this issue?

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Hi it's not normal and it needs investigation again. You may have proctitis or colitis both of which cause bleeding ulcers that need treatment. I had similar when I was in my early 20s and doctors ignored it. I ended up seriously ill in hospital and off work for 3 months, all of which was preventable with an early intervention. It took me switching GP to get taken seriously.

I should also say that bleeding can be a sign of bowel cancer and the advice is always to get it properly checked out. I'm sorry if this sounds scary, but please don't ignore it. It's far more likely to be something less sinister like haemorrhoids (piles) but you should get a diagnosis. Don't be fobbed off until you do. Sad fact is that it can take up to 10 years of symptoms to get a colitis diagnosis, so you are not alone. Keep pestering and being a bloody (sorry about the pun!) nuisance!

If necessary ask for a second opinion. I wish you luck, take care



Ask your doctor to re-check. It may just be that you have internal piles which bleed when you open your bowels, or a fissure in the wall lining caused by straining. Blood in the toilet often looks a lot once it has gone into the water so it may look worse than it is. For instance do you have to pad yourself afterwards for protection? Tell the doctor all this as you need some answers. There are posters on my dr's surgery walls telling patients to watch for blood in the toilet so you will not be wasting their time. As Tinycat says, press for further investigation and don't be afraid to ask questions.

Best of luck. K


Sometimes.& it does scare me!! I hate blood!! I had a colonoscopy.which due to radiation damage i have a thickening of the bowel wall. & they say ive probly got tiny heamaroids but they couldnt SEE any!! Odd i think!!


Specialist did say I have small internal piles but their not an issue? As it is bright red blood he says its the lower bowel and he's checked lower bowel with camera twice in the last 3 years. Do I keep making a fuss?


Yes! I had the same type of bleeding with a lot of pain. It was an anal fissure. Had surgery.


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