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IBS-The Bane of my life.

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My IBS started began in the early 90s, I have tried pretty much all of the medication available & I can't really say any of them had any real benefit & now I find I have intermittent bowel problems of varying degrees of discomfort, pain in both sides of my abdomen, but more severe on my left side meaning I have to sleep on my right side & really annoying backache which I believe is due to my IBS anyway & when I am having a bad day, terrible sluggishness causing me to feel down, stressed &/or depressed depending upon the level of pain at the time, I'd like to know if there is anything I can do that might help, I would literally try anything, so if anyone's got any tips then I'd be grateful, thanks.

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I hear you. That is how i feel about it too. The bane if my life. I find sleep my best alloy where I can escape, I feel that when I find the best supplements then I will be doing better, I have heard that Shaklee has the best kind if supplements that are proven to work or you get your money back, Guaranteed! Guaranteed to work.

I can really relate, have you heard about habba syndrome? there is still a good chance that cholesteramyne can help you.

Plenty of hot water bottles and simple food....I live on yoghurt, rice pudding and fresh banana milk shakes when I'm really bad, throw in some scrambled egg and paté on crackers or a slice of toast to get your protein, avoid the fats and eat little and often. Mostly stay warm and take your anti spods! Xxxx

Because mine is linked to anxiety it is self- regenerative. The more anxious I get about it the worse it gets and the pain is worse than childbirth. At my request my doctor has upped my anti anxiety meds temporarily and and this combined with my permanent gluten/ wheat diet means that currently I am pain free and regular. Don't know if my way is any help but I hope you are soon better

AnnieofBudein Cornwall

Have you tried the FODMAP diet? Check it out on the internet. It involves leaving out certain foods from your diet that are known to make IBS worse.

Hi,like you I have tried everything ever suggested to me and spent a fortune in the process,I have suffered for 20yrs,I am now trying kefir(making my own) its really simple to make,you can read up on it online,there is loads of good benefits and reviews,you tube have videos on how to make it,I add chopped up strawberrys and honey to mine and it tastes lovely,I'm keeping my fingers crossed this will help.its worth a tey anyway.

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Gemini71 in reply to cassie17

Hi cassie,I once give Kefir a go. I wasn't very successful ,but I did give up.

So I would be interested in your progress,so keep us updated please.

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cassie17 in reply to Gemini71

ive been taking it for about 3 weeks now Gemini, ive still had off days but it does seem to be helping so I will stick with it ,its really easy to make ,the only other probiotic I found that helped was VSL3 but it works out expensive,kefir is only the price of milk.

Have you tried watching what you eat, I have colitis and I find eating wheat plays my tum up, I also take a prebiotic each day to help the gut.

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linedance in reply to elwins

People mention prebiotics and probiotics. What is the difference?

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elwins in reply to linedance

I think it might just be my spelling it should read probiotics I think that's how it is spelt

I have been taking this natural mix for a few weeks now and find it helps. 2teaspoons of lemon juice2 apple cider vinegar 1of honey i of cinnamon and a cup of water. Blend together store in the fridge and take a sponful every morning. I hope it helps you too.

Seems like you're probably caught in that vicious cycle. Anxiety/ stress and depression appear to be the route causes of IBS if not addressed the symptoms continue which then causes further depression and the symptoms stay. Try CBT along with anxiety meds and other stress relieving techniques. I had a flare up recently due to a stressful event started on my anxiety med and symptoms gone in two days. Good luck.

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calista in reply to LouisaG

What anxiety meds do you take ?

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Try Fodmaps. Get the app on your phone. It is simple to use and classifies foods in a traffic light system. Eat only those foods marked green for around six weeks and hopefully you will see a huge difference. You can then start adding back in foods by type and possibly add foods from the amber marked foods . You could try going gluten free/ dairy free as well.

I had IBS for 20 years + before finding Fodmaps. My life is now completely different having been on it for around five years now. No pain and no medication except the ver occasional use of loperamide( Imodium instants)

Good luck

Have you heard of dybosis?

You could try the one herbal tincture that worked for me after checking with doc. This is Tormentil from Vogel. Acts like an astringent to contract whole bowel and produces a complete evacuation in a couple of hours. Magic providing your doc agrees.

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It seems no one mentions marijuana. A strain that's low in thc and high I'm cbd. There are many great variations that do wonders. That in combination with FODMAP-DIET seem to be the new norm.

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Gemini71 in reply to Hidden

I once mentioned marijuana to my GP,the one your talking about with the thc taken out. He went mad. But I'm seriously thinking of resorting to it.

Nothing else works that's for sure, not even the FODMAP DIET and I stuck to that fiercely for 10 weeks and my hubby said he'd never seen me look so unwell,and I was.

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Hidden in reply to Gemini71

If you are like me, you will be floored how quick it takes the pain away as well as nasea and cramps. There are Medical marijuana docs that can tell you good strains.

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Eternity78 in reply to Hidden

where can we get this type of medical Marijuana ?? does it target diahrrea ? or only alleviate the pain ?

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Hidden in reply to Eternity78

Different strains can do different things. You need to find a medical marijuana dispensary and ask them to refer a doctor. The doctors work with the growers and can cross strains to achieve results you would love. The only bad part is some of the strains are high in THC. That's the chemical that makes you high. Not that getting high is a bad thing, but it takes practice to function while high. Then again, it a hell of alot better then laying in bed cramping all day. Always look at alternative ideas. Nothing is too crazy dealing with this IBS.

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Eternity78 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply 🌷 it seems I have to travel to get this ..as it is impossible to convince a doctor in my country to prescribe me medical marijuana 😔😔 ..I will still search for it though because I reached my dead limit with the whole IBS drama agony 😥

i allso have a bad time with the pain feverish doubled up absolute agony along with diverticolosis of th colon been for 4 or 5 colonoscopies still nothing that can help althiough i have found certain foods can trigger it off you have to take notes feel like suicide at times no one knows unless they have it themselves almost as painful as labor

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cassie17 in reply to medcal73

I totally agree with you medcal73.

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Gemini71 in reply to medcal73

Me too,I'm with you,it seems never ending,some days,the pain gets the better of me,and I just cry,and my poor hubby just feels so helpless.

Strange really as I've just read this after saying to my hubby I can't cope anymore I've had enough,but it's just a rant of relief.

I totally agree with you. Having suffered for 30 years now. Have tried most things over the years. Two months ago I went wheat/gluten free with only now taking the occassional loppermide and buscopan. It's been quite tricky due to being veggie and vegan to. I go hungry a lot and lost nearly half a stone but my stomach feels so much better. Less windy in the morning, less bloating, more energy some how, more focused, less depressed. I came of the pill to which was making my stomach hurt. I dunno it's a mind field really. I'd definitely look at your diet if you haven't already. Good luck x

I would just like to make a comment here. I've suffered so called "IBS" for around 15yrs,personally I don't believe there is such an illness as IBS,I think that's just a get out of jail card. I've spent years of my time trying to come to some conclusion as to why I'm suffering this chronic pain daily,and how in the world can I get some relief.

Now I'm talking from experience of going through all the tests Gastrologist about 6,diets,medications,the lot,and I'm still suffering like many of you. BUT. On this thread for the first time I've seen a couple of options I haven't carried out.

1)Being djbdkd,suggesting Habba syndrome,this is fairly new,but well worth looking on Google to see if it relates to any of you,it does me.

2) And two being marijuana in medicine form is legal in the UK,so something else well worth looking at.

Now me I would go the whole mile to rid me of this pain,that's just took away mine and my hubby's life away. Sorry if I sound like I'm ranting on,which I am because there's no way in the world I will believe in "IBS". Thank you to those two people who has given me a little more hope.

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medcal73 in reply to Gemini71

im in same boat excruciating pain feeling of gonna pass out with a fever ohtsweats no air toilet window wide open colonoscopies and other examinations just fed up to teeth even coughed up contents of bowel still told the same thing over over eat plenty of veg. love my veg. eat 4 or5 times wk. had ibs, for years just gets worse also quitre a few accidents very embarrasing when outnabout carry spare pads pants wipes still no help so desperate

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Gemini71 in reply to medcal73

Hi medcal73, Have you tried looking up Habba syndrome? Now it is new,and I rang the helpline to my Gastrologist and explained it to her,she said she had never heard of it,but would look into it.

Now that boils down to the gall bladder,leaking or something like that,but I don't have a gall bladder,and I've never been given anything to like do its job,and that's when my problems began.

So when I told her this,she told me to go and see my GP,and get him to prescribe me some Questran,I've only just began it so I don't know if it will do the job. But any things worth a go.


had just about all you are suffering with. im much better these days on low fibre diet, not much tea/cofee no fizzy drinks,lager or onions,mushrooms. take amytryline early evening. not had a good day today.probably too much chocolate and tea so a bit self inflicted.iv found better since i took up golf.walking helps get colon into rythym.

p.s. i take nornacol which stops me getting constipated and if pain buscopan.paractmly, last resort a codeine or a glass of ginger wine.heatpad and try and sleep off. had it for 25 years so glad its about 1 day a week now instead of 3 or more.



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