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i.b.s. or not ?

hello everyone im posting this in the hope it may help at least 1 other person

24 years ago I was diagnosed with i.b.s. from the age of 18

I tried every treatment possible even to spending the money on Chinese medicine

needless to say nothing worked

then over the years each year got worse until I spent my life in my toilet in my bed or pretty much collapsed on the floor in agony

September of last year everything come to a head I could barely eat lost over 7 stone and pretty much was ready to die as my whole body was failing me

then I was lucky enough to see my specialist who straight off said that she thought id been misdiagnosed for the last 24 years and was actually suffereing from b12 and folic acid defiency leading to anemia

after doing a blood test she was proved right as my levels were stupidly low

im now about to have my last b12 injection to complete the course and can report that my health is now for the first time heading in the right direction

this is a good piece to read that convinced me wholehealthchicago.com/2012...

I know this wont help everyone but coming from some who has been on a downward keel for 24 years its worth looking into and I hope it helps anybody here

take care and keep fighting :)

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Hi dbuk. I don't know why GPs don't check this more often. Not just oh it's IBS . Could have been dangerous for you, and lucky they picked up on it. I am glad it is working for you. also thank you for sharing the link. Hope all stays well. Take care.


Glad you got an answer at last. Hop into to pernicious anemea forum, you will get help and advice as and when you need it.


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