I've been having this chronic bloating since July last year. I took a trip to Napa Valley taste lots of wine and came back feeling extremely bloated so went to the doctors finally diagnosed with H-pylori. After two weeks of strong antibiotics noting has changed still bloated 24/7. It's been more than a year i have done all the tests, endoscopy,colonoscopy... you name it. But all I got was NORMAL.

BUT no it's not normal I don't feel normal I am still

In pain when it bloats it's like I am 8 months pregnant whenever I eat something. Even just drink water when I wake up it bloats. Ive stopped eating gluten diary processed food, I eat mostly home cooked organic food but it's not helping. I started to listen to all the health podcasts and have a feeling it might be Sibo cause I have all the symptoms. I haven't tested yet but I am pretty sure. Anyone have similar situation who took herbal antibiotics to cure Sibo? I really don't want to go with conventional antibiotics anymore. They wipe out your good bacteria. Please help! Give me some hope to carry on... I am so sick and tired of this feeling 😩

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  • Perhaps you've picked up some sort of parasite? Just wondering because antibiotics would have fixed the SIBO even if it was just temporarily.

    I'm not sure any herbals or diet really cures SIBO. I think a lot of people just want to sell their books to make money off of people who are suffering like us.

    I went down this route after a nutritionist told me I have bad bacteria, no sugar, gluten, dairy and it didn't help me. I got worse so now following a low salicylates diet & seeing improvements. I wish you well & hope you feel better soon.

  • Thank you so much for the info. I actually checked just last month again on H pylori it said negative so I doubt it's parasite? I also stopped eating gluten diary but I prob need to stop starchy food for good. Going to see a natural path doctor today. Will see how it goes. :/

  • You're welcome 😊

    H Pylori is a bacteria whereas a parasite such as gardia for example is different and need a specific treatment/antibiotic. If you're dealing with a bacteria imbalance problem and antibiotics didn't fix it I highly doubt giving up starchy foods will help. The other thing that your natural path doctor is likely to assume is an imbalance (too much) candida which is a yeast. Now, candida cannot be treated with antibiotics because it's not a bacteria and it feeds on sugar. I only know what I know from doing a lot of research for the best part of a year. I was sticking to a very restrictive & low carb diet which was not good for my frame of mind and I became completely miserable mainly because it wasn't working. Perhaps more tests are needed?

  • So the new natural path agreed it could be SIBO! I am gonna get tested soon. That will explain all the bloating and pain.

  • I had severe SIBO. Numbers thru the roof. Was put on some specific antibiotic and was told that it cure people 50% of the time. Was rechecked 15 years later and it was gone. I don't think so though.

    Now I'm bloated beyond belief and all they see is tons of stool backed up and an elongated ("redundant") colon.

    Good luck!!!


  • Thank you Nancy! Were you given conventional antibiotics or herbal like beberine and Allicin? Aren't you supposed to recheck after 4 weeks of treatment?

  • Hi there, it's actually a nonsense to take medication for IBS, it will worsen your problems over time, i speak out of experience, had IBS (diagnosed by "reductio ad absurdum" only after all my tests, and they were many, were all negative) over a 5 years period (think it was triggered, maintained and accentuated by overwhelming stress, poor diet and lack of exercise) by the end of which period i literally thought I will die. I healed myself last year, in a short period of 3 months, by avoiding any type of medication (not even an aspirin), avoiding any type of medical doctor, changing my diet to a raw organic vegetarian one and exercising everyday for at least 30 minutes. YOUR BODY IS SMART, IT WILL HEAL ITSELF, YOU JUST HAVE TO LET IT WORK AND DO NOT INTERFERE STUPIDLY!!! Since then I feel much stronger, have an outstanding physical and psychological stamina, my digestion got back to normal (after horrifying diarrhea bouts) and life is wonderful again! No more IBS - by eradicating the root causes of it, and not trying to repress the symptoms... This guy helped me a lot, with his short explanations, he made me change my lifestyle and although I do not personally know him, I am very thankful I got over him on Youtube accidentally... life changing experience if you suffer from a dis-ease and do not know the REAL causes... hope it helps you too:

  • Thanks Kory! You are right it did all start with stress then lead to overeating but in my case I was exercising too much and too hard on my body so that's type of physical stress :/ I will def check out the YouTube video. I do appreciate your help!

  • Thank you for this. Will firstly try diet change.

  • Hi have you looked at FODMAP diet lots of foods can trigger its about the sugar in foods and body can't break them down. Has your doc prescribed any meds for IBS such as mebeverine that could ease symptoms. It may be that you need another course of antibiotics but it could well be SIBO. X

  • This is not a good thought process, another course of antibiotics? First hand, a course of antibiotics will disrupt the gut flora and that will cause all the IBS symptoms... I took one single course on antibiotics in the last 25 years and suffered 8 months after until I managed to repopulate my microbiome to have a healthy digestion again... so, no, new medications is never the answer, it will only aggravate the existing problems!

    At least for me, I will never ever take any kind of medication again, unless it is not a life threatening emergency... + healthy diet + exercise = healthy lifestyle = wonderful life feeling. Simple, right?

  • Yea I agree I will not do conventional antibiotics again. It ruined me. That's why I want to go the natural path route. I have a Sibo test this sat so will see. Then if I do I will just take berberine and garlic in string dozes as my natural path suggested. Will see!

  • Berberine and garlic is fine, you can also include coconutoil in your diet, it has natural antibiotic and antiinflamatory properties.

    My morning ritual, every day, since I found this natural path you are talking about is: 1 cup (0.4 liter) of organic coconut water + 1 large organic banana + 1 cup of blueberries + 2 tsp chia seeds + 2 table spoon of raw organic cacao powder + 1 tsp raw organic maca powder + 1 tablespoon coconut oil + half of an avocado = yummy morning shake!!!

  • Omg I have everything you recommended! lol I do cook with coconut oil and use no guar coconut milk for smoothies. But I am scared of using coconut water,avocado and chia seeds now since it's on the high FODMAP list?

  • I was never looking to eat according to the FODMAP list... from where I come from there are no GMO blueberries neither... :D only organic ones, picked by hand by gipsies from the hillsides, so it is an advantage... it's the same with veggies, legumes and fruits as well, I can get organic food very cheap on local markets. And I strongly think that this is the key to success in solving all digestive issues and every other health issues as well..

  • Guess what? It was Sibo!!! I pretty much diagnosed myself 😒 just confirmed Positive. Now it explained all the bloating!!!

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