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IBS or not?

Hi everyone,

My name is Travis and I'm 24 I was diagnosed with IBS ten years ago when I was fourteen, and there are a lot of inconsistent things that make me wonder if I have IBS.

Recently I've had chronic diarrhera for almost three months now and the only way it stops is if I make myself deliberately constipated, the pain is excruciating and makes me cry and the bowel movements are very loose. I had a violent flare up last Sunday and my whole bowel movement was mucus and the mucus has not let up, yesterday when I opened my bowels I passed blood and mucus and I was really unhappy and so was my partner. So I seeked medical advise and some how the doctors came to this grand conclusion I was constipated at that given time when I wasn't. I have passed blood before, this is how I knew I had peptic ulcer disease I'm just getting really fed up because people I know who suffer with IBS do not have it as bad as me. I'm a vegetarian, I'm a non smoker and I do not drink alcohol or take recreational drugs.

I also suffer with Gastritis, esophaguitus, and duodenitis.

So advise would be kind.

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Personally I think you should ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist, if you haven't already. Failing that, ask for a second opinion. I don't think you should be suffering this badly. Have you had tests eg a colonoscopy? Are you taking any meds for your IBS? I have IBS-D and I find a combination of mebeverine and low-dose amitriptyline keeps mine under control most of the time. I do feel for you! Good luck!


Hi, sorry for the late reply. Yes, I do take medication for my IBS I take mebeverine and amitriptyline, I also take Solpadol for the pain too. I rarely get any relievement from the medication and it really ruins my day. I've been seeing a Gastroenterologist for over 7 years now and we are still going round in circles. There is a possibility I'm going to have a colonoscopy, despite that I have a had a sigmoidoscopy with no results.


So sorry that you are suffering this. I am waiting on a final diagnosis for IBS or IBD. I am desperate at times whilst on the toilet as the pain is like 'childbirth' but passing loose stools. feel like something is in my rectum.It must be one of the most miserable conditions, and I really wish you well.


Sounds a little like me. My chronic diarrhea was a bug called Giardia (cant remember spelling). Its a water born bug that is normally found in stagnant or untreated water.

This will show in Blood tests and/or stool but it took two samples before they found it.


Hi Travis

I completely agree with Trekkiegirl. You should not be suffering in this way, passing blood is not something to be shrugged off. I have IBS and a hiatus hernia, I am on omeprazole twice daily, I find if I don't take it at night time I will be sick all through the night. I also take mebeverine but it's not overly effective for me.

The first thing I am asked when I go to the GP is "any blood in the stools or vomit?" Because this indicates a more serious problem than bowel spasms or irritation, especially because there is a secondary gastric condition interacting. I highly recommend going back to them for more tests, perhaps with a written log of what's been happening? I usually find that works best for me because I say everything I want to say and don't leave feeling like I was rushed through (due to strains on the NHS) and forgot to tell them about something important because I was flustered, my GP also told me it helped her to see it all laid out like that because she was able to pick up on patterns in my symptoms faster.

Hope this helps, good luck and take care. V.


sorry to hear your problems Travis; Have you been referred to a Consultant? If not, ask to be referred - if you have then keep going back to your GP , perhaps see a different one in the practice, ask to go back to the Consultant. I had to request another Consultant and the second one was much more helpful. You shouldn't have to suffer and worry - that's what they are there for. If you have IBS, it has many symptoms and does make you feel ill and concerned - get it checked out though. Good luck.


Please get yourself back to the Doctor and insist on a referral to a consultant, in my opinion blood is not normal for IBS, wish you well


First of all get with a naturopathic dr that specializes in Gastro. I'm telling you they know way more than any Gastro specialist! I have been down that road & they know nothing, I thought to give naturopathic a try & my dr told me things I nor the specialist never knew in the first hour. If dr's can't throw meds at you, then they aren't interested. My naturopathic dr has helped me tremendously. Check out getting tested for SIBO ( small intestinal bacterial infection) it causes alot of these symptoms no matter what or how less you eat. Also Candida & check to see if you have gluten intolerance


Asuming you have had a camera to get checked out for colitis, it sounds like parasites. Dont get a test at nhs for this as they dont test for the 2 types that actually cause ibs symptoms, crazy i know!


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