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Chronic Stomach Discomfort

Chronic Stomach Discomfort

Ok I'm sorry that this is probably the wrong category for this but I need serious help.

I have been burping for 4 straight months now and have not been able to sleep well during that time. The burps are nonstop. My stomach always tightens up whenever I eat something; the best way I can explain it is that someone is grabbing my stomach tightly but oddly I do not feel any pain. I can't deal with this anymore. I was a healthy 19 year old man before I got whatever this was, I was gluten-free and exercised a lot and was at a healthy weight and happy. Now I'm getting depressed that I might actually be like this forever.

So far the doctors have done a barium test, stool test, and tooken x-rays and found nothing. Even though I don't feel pain, I live in suffering not doing the things I love. I've tried antacids and PPI medications and felt worse. The doctors say I might have GERD and Gastritis but I've tried those diets before and nothing. They don't have a straight answer. I've looked at Gastroparesis, Hiatal Hernia, Low Stomach Acid Parasites, and other diseases and nothing matches up with my symptoms. I have tried DGL, Berberine, Mastic Gum, Amaxstathan, HCL tablets, Melatonin, Vitamin A, Allicin, Probiotics (100 Billion FCUs), and Kudzu root. Please someone help me I need answers!!!

P.S. Do not try Mastic Gum. That was the worst experience I have ever had with a supplement.

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Have they ruled out IBS?


Not that I am aware of. I doubt it could be that because I don't have problems going to the bathroom.


Ask the doctor to send you for a gastroscopy


That is my next move.


Hi there,

Have you been tested for H pylori ? Lactose intolerance and / or fructose malabsorption ?

If not look them up and see if symptoms match and if yes try and get tested .

I also agree with you on the mastic gum . Really did not work for me .

Good luck .


I would like to officially announce that I have cured my disease after 4 months. I can finally exercise now. I hope I can help others by saying I cured it with activated charcoal after one use. I will continue to use it just to make sure. I am so happy it's finally over. What I was diagnosed with was excessive gas pain and they used an ultrasound. I hope this helps others with similar symptoms.

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