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Horrible stomach ache and lower back pain

Hi everyone

I have been suffering with excruciating stomach pain, random attacks, (that's what I call them), for quite a number of years.

I visited the doctor and they've checked my stomach and sent me for an ultrasound.

I was recently diagnosed with adenomyosis, however, I need to return back to the doctors because I'm still getting these random, stomach pain attacks , and I don't know if it is IBS. I had IBS over 20 years ago and with changing my diet, exercise, more fibre etc I thought I had got rid of it, but since becoming very poorly 4 years ago, I think these stomach pain attacks, could be IBS but I'm really unsure and so are the doctors.

I had an attack a few days ago and my stomach is still very painful. I can touch my stomach and pressed down, as if I'm touching my intestines, (but I have no idea if I am) and if I press really hard, it's starts the pain off again, it feels very sensitive. I did feel like I was slightly constipated this time but usually I feel I'm ok and regular.

The pain is totally different, from 20 years ago. I don't get spasms anymore.

It's a very deep, throbbing, excruciating labour pain type feeling, I usually start to sweat, feel dizzy, where I desperately need to sit down, (which I always manage to do) I start breathing intensely, it just happens automatically, unsure if it's a reminder of when I was pregnant, I have no idea, but this is what I do, I sometimes feel sick or am sick, and the pain gets worse, where I can't move, the pain starts to radiate and becomes more intense & excruciating. I don't know if this agonizing pain is just trapped wind.😜 I have heard that trapped wind is very very painful but is it excruciating?

I ended up going to A&E E just the once, because I had someone to take me, and the doctor suggested an ultrasound but he had no idea what was wrong with me, stating it was chronic pain.

I'm really unsure what to say when I return back to the doctor's. I'm just wondering if anybody recognises these symptoms?

When I keep getting these pain attacks, the pain radiates over my stomach and sometimes around my lower back area, so I have no idea if it's IBS or adenomyosis. I only know it is so excruciating that I'm doubled over in pain, it feels like labour pains.

I've explained all this to the doctor's and they shrug, and I end up leaving without any help or any pain relief for that matter.

I can't physically walk or move or do anything, when the pain becomes worse.

I usually manage to get to the kettle, get the hot water bottle and then I have to sit down before the pain becomes excruciating. The pain can last between 1 and 3 hours, does it sound familiar to anyone else?

Any help advice, would be greatly appreciated thanks 🤗 sorry for waffling on I'm obviously very anxious at the moment because I've been going to the doctors for over 4 years I'm getting nowhere but I do have a lot of other conditions so that's why I'm struggling still thanks xx

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Hi. I get excruciating pain too. It comes on suddenly and movement is impossible. I have to stay still until it passes. They’ve said it could be trapped wind or bowel spasm. I dread it especially when it happens away from home. I can’t help but you’re definitely not alone.


REi have pain usually starting in my back radiating to my abdomen. I keep a heating pad at my bedside and that helps s little. I have had what feels like seizures in my belly for about forty years. I have taken Bentyl and that helps as much as anything. Amytriptolin is my most recent Med but I still have belly pain not associated with food. I have tried diet changes but the main things I avoid are alcohol, carbonated beverages, caffeine , and Spicy hot foods. Black pepper also can trigger attack’s . Good luck! This hasn’t killed me yet but can be exhausting.

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I also have lower back pain which extends further upwards. I too have suffered with IBS for years, but have only recently experienced the back pain and the severe cramp like labour pains. I am about to see the GP on Monday after a 3 week wait and had full blood tests last week. Try eliminating certain foods. Lactose and gluten have always been a trigger for me. Also these worsening symptoms can be linked to hormonal changes e.g. menopause.


Hi. I am also experiencing worsening, different pains in the stomach, top of large intestine area. I also get odd symptoms like increased pulse rate, sweating, feeling very hot (although my temperature is normal when I take it), rapid breathing, panicky feelings, etc. It's quite horrible and, like you, there is nothing for it but to rest in the most comfortable position I can find. I do now pass a lot of wind, huge amounts some days, but my stools are well formed. GP listened and said that I was full of wind and I've been referred back to a gastroenterologist. I'm afraid I have no bright ideas as to what to do about this - just keeping pressure on your GP/s, I guess, to fully investigate and refer.

Really hope things will improve for you.


Hi there, Really send you my sympathy and understanding. I've suffered with IBS since my mum died when I was in my 20s. It still flares up for no apparent reason and like you it's agonising. What I will say to you though is I get relief from the pain eventually if I open my bowels. Do you find this happens too? I tend to lie in bed in a fetal position with a hot water bottle or on the loo and take buscopan and windeze. Eventually it settles. Make sure you push your Gp for everything testing. I have had bloods, camera up and down and ultrasound, all under the care of a gastroenterologist. He found I do have IBS, gluten intolerance and anxiety. Exercise helps me and relaxation techniques. I do wish you well and remember you are not alone. Also join the IBS network for updated advice and research. 😊😊


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