Extreme chronic pain

Extreme chronic pain

Hi All, I've been on here quite a lot ,but not lately. Just a bit about me,because it would take to long for the whole story.

I started with this"IBS" about 12-13years ago,and it just gradually got worse,I had my gall bladder removed and it has generally got worse. I'll just use the words my GP used on Friday to me,which summed me up,. "As you seem to have had every procedure,and more than enough gastrointestinal doctors from one side of the country to the other,I'm at a loss how I can help you" So there you have it. So I'm always looking for my own help. Now recently I've been reading about bile malabsorption,and having no gall bladder,has made me research it,but there is nothing like the expertise of people with the problem. Now I was given Questran powders,but I wasn't to sure about them,then I read of Colesevelam and Cholestyremine (don't know if I've spelt that right)

Has anyone got any opinions on which may work for someone with daily chronic pain.? I've also thought about probiotics now I've tried a few,Symprove,Alevera, and I'm can't take Alflorex. Any suggestions I would be grateful for,but please don't mention fodmap diet,it failed.

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  • Hi have you ever taken mebeverine or spasmonal ?

    They help me as have codin and morphine; have you ever tried 10mgs of Amitriptyline.

    All good things to speak with you GP about are you might like to change your GP to a much nicer one

    Blessings S x

  • Hi Pain 57,I've tried all the above you've mentioned,and as for a nicer GP,I think I've got one. If your referring to him saying he can't help me,I would much rather his honesty,than what I've had in the past,arrogants.

    But all the same thank you. For replying.

  • Ask to be teste for Dysobiosis.

  • Hi What's the test for Dysobiosis

  • Hi Do paracetamol not work either !?

  • No,Paracetamol are just not strong enough. I've been on Tramadol,oromorph,and all the general stuff for "IBS"which makes me wonder what the hells wrong with me.

  • Bloods, scans WITHOUT THE BOWEL BEING CLEANSED FIRST.Ask your doctor or specialist. Wishing you well.

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