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Aftermath of a tummy bug...help!!!

hi all as a long term sufferer of ibs/c and d 😞 I had seemed to reach some set of balace..however last week I came down with a horrendous stomach bug d and v for 36 hrs 😓 anyway after a day of starving and no bowel movements, my ibs has come back with a vengeance. Today so desperate, barely able to walk, struggling ti pass stools the pains are awful, like I'm being girn apart inside. I went to go and she he examined me I was very tender lower left of large bowel, gp has prescribed buscopan which isn't going much tbh.

How do I now get my bowel back to a relatively pain free and regular motion? I live with a certain amount of pain daily. I've had every test possible in previous years so know I didn't have anything serious going on but its so hard to function as s parent, when I'm at work and socially with this pain and needing the toilet regularly.

Any advice re a good probiotic or dietry advice (done low fodmap) ??

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I'm guessing as you have just had the bug then there isn't much left in your stomach. You need to eat very simple easy digestible foods. BRAT diet until your stomach eases. Drink lots of herbal warm teas as well and take lots of natural probiotics at least 25billion CFU A day. Make sure it does now contain any sugar or lactose. 

I have a post on overcoming food poisioing on my website feel free to have a read as I have had It a lot! I'm a nutritionist by the way  


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