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Loperamide and possible tummy bug

I`ve always had a tendency towards constipation but it has now switched to the opposie extreme and I was having to take loperamide often. Things got so bad about 10 days ago that I went to the GP this week and she thinks I may have a bug rather than just IBS and says I must stop taking Loperamide as that is stopping the bug leaving my system. I`m not convinced! I`m going to take her advice for a few days but if I don`t take any loperamide I can`t be too far from a toilet. Is she right about loperamide delaying recovery from a bug?

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I do remember asking a consultant if it was safe to take loperamide, he said yes it was as there was no sign of infection.


I guess it's possible if the germs are not leaving your system they will continue to make you feel ill. I'd take your docs advice rest up lots of fluids let your body do what it needs to do x

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I would follow the doctors' advice as if it's an infection then the body needs to get rid of it naturally and by taking the Loperamide it will stop the body getting rid of it.

I had an upset tummy last night which felt exactly like a tummy bug, I had diorrhea (I actually have IBS C so it's not often I get diorrhea) and felt sick but within about 2 1/2 hours I was feeling much better so it definitely wasn't a bug with me. What I am saying here is I didn't take anything for the diorrhea, I just let it take it's course.

I managed to get a few hours sleep last night and was hungry this morning, another clue in that it wasn't an infection with me as if I have a tummy bug I don't even want to look at food.

I know last night was my fault really as I bought liquorice back from holiday and ate 3 pieces yesterday and 3 the day before - big mistake!! I have now thrown the rest in the bin. This, though, is the first time I have been ill with liquorice.

I hope that you feel better very soon and really feel for you.

Take care


Thanks. I do have an appointment with a gastro-enterologist soon so will talk to him about it.


I hope your appointment goes well and that you also start to feel better very soon; there is nothing worse that being poorly with your tummy. I can put up with anything else apart from the tummy and if I start to feel sick then it feels like the world is coming to an end!! I have Emetophobia so am a rubbish patient when it comes to either feeling or being sick. I do have a book though which I am now going to work my way through slowly but surely and it's a book written by Rob Kelly and it focuses on curing yourself of Emetophobia - the book has excellent reviews. There is a series of books and they come under the Thrive Programme and focus on self help for all manner of ailments.

Please post on here on how you get on.


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