Immodium for a bug?

As per my previous post, I have had severe D for the past 2-3 days now. The first night I was up between 15-20 times during the night passing extremely watery stool. It's really not in keeping with my 'normal' ibs symptoms so I'm not sure if I've picked up a bug or had a delayed hangover/severe reaction to food/alcohol. But it's pretty hideous. I thought it was improving but had another 2 episodes this morning and wondering whether to take immodium? My logic being that if it is a bug then it's probably better to get it out but I don't feel able to stray too far from home (the loo) and starting to feel really drained and down emotionally now. Any advice?

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  • If it is a bug, don't take the immodium if you can help it as definitely better to get rid of it! Of course, if you have to go out, you may not have any choice not to take it in order to get through.

    I had something similar on Monday but just took my faithful silicolgel and was better by the evening when I had to go out for a work 'do' at a Persian restaurant, rich food and wine that would otherwise make me really anxious but was fine. Didn't even use the toilet in the restaurant and got the bus home; as you can imagine, I was unbelievably chuffed!

    I once caught a nasty bug on a trip to New York and had diarrhoea for a week on my return, went to the doctors and was given antibiotics as it had gone on so long. They really helped in that instance.

    If you've been drinking as you refer to a hangover above - alcohol has a diuretic effect and so that could easily be the issue. Especially if combined with a dodgy barbecue in the warm weather!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks Dinghy, I was drinking heavily at a wedding doo on Saturday night but didn't start with the stomach issues until Monday. It could have been the booze or food I guess, im trying to drink water as much as poss.

    Still struggling to get the silicolgel down I'm afraid.

  • put a tablespoonful into a shot glass - add a few drops of water and mix it together then sling it back like a shot! That's what I do. I am terrible at gagging on anything and so this works for me. Also I have used a straw when I first started using it or if i'm on the road and have to take it neat. I wouldn't give it up now for anything despite the texture. I like a drink too and couldn't without silicolgel. I'm a real foodie as well but have had so many disasters before taking this to help my tum. I am enjoying going out so much more now. Really can't believe I had dinner, drank and got the bus home without any attacks! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Well done you! What is silicolgel?

  • Hi linedance, it is a natural gel you take orally of silicic acid and helps with my diarrhoea, bloating, nausea symptoms of IBS that I get, mostly connected with stress / anxiety. You can buy it from Boots and Holland & Barrett. It has been a saviour for me. You can read more about it on and there is some feedback on the site from other users.

  • I agree that hopefully this is probably a reaction to something better out than in. I would go 48 hours at least before taking Imodium if by then it is still loose. Be sure to drink loads of water to help expel what's there

  • Not taking Imodium whilst having a bug is a myth. It's fine to take, as told to me by nurses and doctors :)

    Feel better soon

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