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I've had IBS-d for 10 years now and have a good understanding of the illness and how it affects me. However 2 weeks ago, after having Sunday tea, one hour after eating I had explosive d - lasted 1 hour - and since then my stomach hasn't settled. I have gurgling then it feels like someone is squeezing my gut and then I have to run to the loo- this happens every few days and in between I have little appetite, loose bowel movement (but not D). This is not my usual flare up - it's definitely not a food intolerance - is it just another form of IBS or a bug? Either way i am dreading Xmas dinner! Help

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  • Hi I have Ibs d it's hard to say for sure as this time of the year throws my stomache into chaos. I do know there is a bug which involves explosive d but it usually only lasts a day or two. It really sucks I know but I find if I have had a bug it can take weeks to get back on track. Maybe try increasing your Imodium intake, I find green tea and camomile tea help to settle my stomache and I also take a multivitamin every day. Hope this helps

  • Hi

    Yes it does help - sometimes it's nice (sorry!) to know someone else is struggling. Will def try the tea and multivitamin - thanks very much

  • If it is a tummy bug then a "travellers" digestive supplement might help. Biocare Travelguard was recomended to me once, it contains probiotics and oils with natural antibacterial properties, such as garlic and oregano. I don't think there's anything too harsh in there that could make it worse. There are probably similar things on the market, this is just the one that I've heard of.

  • I've had my IBS-D go crazy this Christmas! I've been feeling awful with constant D and nausea for four days now and it's definitely not a stomach bug I have as I'd be laid up in bed right now and for another two weeks if it was a bug, based on past experiences! All I've been able to do is pop a few more loperamide than I usually need and a lot more buscopan for the cramps. Like Lynne said above, I take a multivitamin everyday because my GP said that with D you need to make sure you're still getting all your vitamins and minerals :)

  • If people have ibs bugs can last longer than normal and your stomach can take longer to recover.

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