Weight loss & Anxiety


I am glad I found this forum I have felt very alone in the crazy journey of discovering what the heck is going on with my body. Change occurred 18 months ago after having my gallbladder removed namely loose stools. Additional ly stress from studying and helping a sick mum. My doctor has sent me for .many test; colonoscopy, endoscopy, ct scan, so many blood test. All clear my question today is because I have lost so much weight this is spiaralli ng my anxiety has anyone lost heaps of weight? I am seeing a counsellor my life has come to a holt my doctor wants me to start 2mg of diazapan for anxiety however I do not like taking medication. Thanks for replies

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  • Hi thanks for your reply, they said both. I am trying to Introduce small amounts of fat daily. I found some good smoothies recipe so hopefully they can add some weight.

  • So are you taking digestive enzymes with every meal ?

  • Hi Pandora

    No to digestive enzyme. I think the main culprit has been full dairy and coffee.

  • Like you, I was also worried about taking medication, especially for my anxiety. However, I have been on citalopram for the last couple of months and, along with counselling, it is having a really positive effect. What are your specific concerns about taking the medication?

  • Hi I have tried lexapro and endep however withboth I had side affects. I would like to have success with an antideppesant as I feel my life is on hold.

  • The side effects can be nasty - I had terrible insomnia for a good month when I first started on citalopram but it eventually got better. Fortunately, there are a range of antidepressants/anti-anxiety meds out there so hopefully you and your GP can find one, or a mixture, that work for you.

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