Loosing weight

I have been on the fodmap diet for about 3 months now feel much better but am loosing weight about 10lbs in 2 months.

I decided to start eating bread and had a toasted sandwich within a couple of hours I had diarrhoea and felt terrible .

So it's back to the drawing board.

Has anyone out there lost a lot of weight on the fodmap diet?

I am really concerned about the weight loss.


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  • I lost weight as well but gained it back when I started reintroducing foods and expanding what I could eat again. Have you started to reintroduce other FODMAPS foods yet to test your reaction? Sounds like wheat might be out for you unfortunately.

  • Thanks for that I am not alone then.it is worrying.

    Regards x

  • Yes I too have lost a lot of weight with fodmap and other elimination diets. I hate it and am trying to eat little and often, without gluten,lactose or onions, but it seems hard to put it back on.

    Hope you find a way to stabilize your weight. I think it just takes time.

    Good luck.

  • Hi

    Thanks for that I am not alone then.I have cut out gluten an lactose this is when the weight started dropping off.Goodin a way I suppose but want to stabilise like you.

    Ate a toaste sandwich yesterday normal bread within 2 hrs I was on the loo.

    it is worrying when you loose weight you think it could be sinister in fact all sorts of things have crossed my mind.

    Hope it all settles with you.



  • I am the opposite as since going on fodmaps I have put on weight which I attribute to gluten free bread and the fact that I now have a limited intake of fruit and veg of which I used to eat loads.

  • Hi, I too have lost about 12 lbs, and have been on the low FODMAP diet for about 11 weeks. Like you I am concerned because no matter what advice you listen to, you don't know which way to go unless you're doing this with a dietician.

    I am sure that my biggest problem is wheat so would never eat ordinary bread and only stick to gluten free although most of it is vile!

    I am due to have a colonoscopy on Tuesday, and at least my mind will hopefully be put at rest.

    Put butter on all your veg, eat stuff like rice pudding made with added butter and egg, and generally add calories to what you eat. You can bother about getting health conscious again when your head is in a better place.

    Good luck with this.


  • Thanks for your reply.I had a colonoscopy about 10 months ago and that was ok.Good luck hope all goes well for you.

    With the replies here it does look like you do loose weight and that certainly gives you peace of mind.

    I will certainly take your advice and add more calories.Hope it dosent upset me though it's just a vicious circle.

    Let me know how you get on with your colonoscopy.



  • Oh boy. Gluten free bread from the store is terrible. I'd try and bake your own. Even the worst homemade recipes from the internet are better.

  • Absolutely true, when my head is straight I'll be doing my own. This damn thing totally takes over your life? Thanks for the encouragement.

    Nobiker (why ever I used that name I cannot imagine!!)

  • I have lost about a 1 1/2 stone on FODMAP diet over a few months and I wasn't that big to begin with so it really worried me, if like me you are not at a stage where you can start introducing too much then my advice would be to have thickly spread peanut butter sandwiches on GF bread, eat lots of plain flavour dorrito crisps, cook with copious amounts of olive oil and you can also get rice protein powder for a supplement so is GF. I also take daily multi vits. During the few weeks I have been doing this I have managed to put 3 lb back on.... Not a lot I know but I feel better for it and it is slowly increasing.... Hopefully this will continue whilst I re-introduce foods. The weight loss is worrying esp if you are ibs-d as a flare up may mean you lose more weight again. It's a battle but don't let it get you down coz that just makes it worse... Xxx

  • Thanks for your reply I have lost st around 101bs and like you cant afford to loose let.

    The good thing about it I do feel really well so I am not going to worry too much.

    Hope you sort I out.

    Good luck Mac xx

  • I went on the Monarch Universiy FodMap diet after having a conversation with my hairdresser one day whilst having my hair done. I was diagnosed with IBS when I was in my early 30's which according to the consultant had been brought on through a gut infection eating barbecue food whilst on holiday in America. It appeared to leave me as quick as it came on after about 3 years. I am now 53 and over the last 2 years I have been suffering again however this time the symptoms are more varied such as bad bladder control, terrible wind at both ends and terrible sleeping pattern. I do find Chinese herbs and acupuncture help however when I get a flare up then it's hard to get back to normal. I am very naturally slim and when I went on the FodMap dies I to lost weight very quickly. This also affected my mood and I found myself becoming depressed and tearful. The diet did work and my stomachs was far less bloated however I never got to the point of re introducing to find o it what was the trigger and just gave up, lack of willpower I presume.

  • Hi thanks for your reply.

    I have been on the fodmap die for about 3 months.I do certainly mix and match with food.

    Think you have to take it day by day.

    Good luck Jim.

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