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Hi does anybody know the best anti inflammatory drug to use? I am currently having a flare up and look about 6 months pregnant!!! This flare up has lasted nearly two weeks and is getting worse not better. I am currently taking 5mg bu-trans and 8 co-codamol 30/500 a day, not coping too well with it all atm even though I've had this for 5 years. Any information will be appreciated xx

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Hi Pandora I have IBS-D which they said is on the severe end of the scale!! I also suffer with anxiety and depression. My whole stomach is inflamed and when I push my hand into it I can feel a lump which I'm guessing is due to inflammation. I have had an MRI scan CT scan numerous blood tests all coming back to IBS-D!! I'm so fed up with it and living with it too x


Thank you x


Oh dear I seem to have many of the symptoms on that list including bad bouts of thrush I'm seeing the doctor tomorrow so will see what they say many thanks for your help xx


Do u have the same thing? Where do I begin with tweaking I'm useless at all this kind of stuff please help xx


Try the FODMAP elimination diet to find out what triggers your problems. Get the app from Monash University for about £7 it has made a huge difference to lots of us on this site. Just follow the green foods in the guide for 4-6 weeks then add back foods gradually by type to find your triggers.


Is it on the Internet to order? Thank you xx



Co codamol not good for ibs sufferers as a rule. try paracetmol and buscopan.

Sorry your suffering so much. think you will improve without the codeine in cocodomol.

i only take 2 if ibs pain keep me awake at night but any more i find makes it worse ie D

GETS WORSE.Have you tried imodium if D a problem?

hope soon feel better. iv gone to 1 day a week ibs now which is 50% better tahn last year.



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