IBS and cycle

Just wondered if any women suffering from IBS had noticed a link between their cycle and their flare ups? I seem to get bad diarrhea and bloating during and towards the end of my period. Because my IBS is linked to anxiety I find that I am anxious a lot around this time of the month too. It does flare up around other times too but I wondered if it could be linked to hormonal changes? Has anyone else made this connection?

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  • Yes I to experience the same exact thing:(

  • Me too!

  • I am the same at the time of month. Dr's have actually said that this is a normal reaction

  • Hi, I have the same problem and found the book 'Irritable Bowel Solutions' by Professor John Hunter really helpful. He has a whole chapter on the menstrual cycle and IBS with suggestions about how to deal with it. Like you I was becoming anxious during these flare ups, but understanding that this can be 'normal' has really helped.

  • Yes what happens to me when I was younger x

  • Yes, my IBS gets worse at certain times of the month and is particularly bad just before and during my period. I do think there is a definate link to hormonal changes. I also get blood sugar drops just before and during my period, if I dont snack regularly I get the shakes and feel light-headed. I am 47 and the symptoms seem to worsen each month.

  • yes 100% I get 10 times worse before and during period

  • Hi littlemissbee, yes this is very common, my i.b.s worsens every couple of weeks, once around that time and also when I ovulate, I get awful pain across my left hip.

  • I experience similar flare ups when I get my period (although it usually happens in the first few days of it, and a couple of days before it arrives too). Are you taking hormonal contraception? Some people find that helps control their symptoms a bit. For me, taking the pill exacerbates my IBS, although it has helped a bit changing to a very low oestrogen pill. I stopped taking it for a while, but I get very heavy, painful periods too, which the pill does help with. So at the moment, the costs of taking it seem to outweigh the benefits!

  • Yes I tend to have ibs d around my period. It is definitely linked to hormones I think especially as it tends to be more prevalent in women.

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