Still ibs?

Hi all. I am new on here.

I wonder if anybody can help?

I have had ibs for longer than I care to remember, although I have had some lengthy remissions. The last couple of years I have had various flare ups lasting from 1-2 days or 3-4 days. I am not too sure whether I am experiencing another flare up as this one seems to be bit different. It feels a lot like congestion in the colon along with the urge to go to the toilet. I am going two and maybe three times a day for last few days. My stools are quite soft but not diarrhoea as they are well formed but there does seem to be a larger amount than normal. During the day I feel very uncomfortable with what feels like congestion in the colon and a feeling of wanting to go again or a feeling of not finishing properly. I am getting occasional gripe pains further up the stomach. This is making me feel quite lethargic/tired and of course I am looking 6 months pregnant with bloating. Just uncomfortable all around. Any advice please? Could it just be another flare up with added extras? Thanks

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  • Hi PLEASE go see your GP !

    S x

  • Hi pain 57

    Thank you for your reply. My symptoms are very similar to the ones I have when I have a flare up except the visits to the loo more frequently. I called into the pharmacy and explained everything to pharmacist...he says it's all under the umbrella of an I b s flare up even though it has one or two extras to what I normally have with a flare up. He gave diarrhoea tablets and bus opal. The reason for the diarrhoea tablets is because apparently the number of times a visit to the loo is also classified as diarrhoea if it is more than twice or more. Anyway he said to give it a week and if it doesn't settled own by then to pop to gp. So will see how it goes. .xx

  • Shouldnt wait forget about pharmasist-go now !

    S x

  • Hi cillian you are not alone with your ibs babe its one misserable condition it never leaves you I thought it was ibs for me for over ten yrs & I suffered so much with pain dyria & horrible spasms when the food went down & the bowels were openen all the time I lived on the toilet but then I started to lose so much weight untill I got so ill I had to have a urgent blood transfusion with eaten food that contained gluten then I had a biopsy & they said you have got coeliac disease & it caused you so much damange to yur intestines so the symptoms are the same as ibs so maybe get checked for it hun dont suffer like I did thinking it was ibs take care & be safe patricia

  • Thank you patcy2468 for your reply. I am now not feeling too bad. Don't know whether it's the tablets that have helped. I have thought about going gluten free I have done in the past and didn't do too bad on it. Thanks for your advice

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