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Help with antibiotics


Hi All, I have been on here recently,talking about constant severer pain daily.

I have a question for you all. I've recently been told I have a water infection,my GP has prescribed 4 lots of antibiotics,I take them for a day or two,and then I'm absolutely doubled up with Stomack pain.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can get over this,I've tried cranberry juice,it obviously didn't do the trick. I would be grateful of any suggestions,as I've really got to try and clear it up.

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Hi Gemini,

A very old remedy for urinary infections is pearl barley water, the recipe goes like this:

Boil one cupful of pearl barley grains with enough water to cover by two inches. Wait for the mixture to turn cloudy (about 20 - 30 minutes). Use a strainer to remove the barley, leaving only the liquid behind. Drink the barley tea regularly, either hot or cold. You can add sugar and/or lemon for a better taste if you like.

Might be worth a try. I do feel for you having this on top of everything else.


Gemini71 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Rosie,it just seems never ending,I never even knew I had a water infection,but my stomachs creasing me at the minuite. The nurse told me if I don't clear it up it could make my Tum worse. They just don't seem to understand. I see my Colectrecal specialist in a couple of weeks,that's when I'm going to ask for a Proctogram instead of a colonoscopy.

I've already bought a Kegal,but I'm a bit worried about useing it until I've seen him.

Gemini71 in reply to Gemini71

Also Rosie,have you any idea of a decent way of getting tested for such as sibo,candida,ect ect.?

Hidden in reply to Gemini71

I was tested for SIBO on the NHS, most general hospitals do it so ask your GP for a referral.

As far as candida goes, the NHS doesn't believe it exists, so I paid for tests here: . They do different levels of testing, all of which include candida. I think I paid about £75 when I had mine done a few years ago. Once you've got the results, you can contact the appropriate microbiologist if you have any queries.

I think you're right not to use the Kegel until you've seen your consultant. I hope he'll do a proctogram for you and finally give you some answers.

MaggieJemima in reply to Hidden

What is a Kegal?!

Hidden in reply to MaggieJemima

It's a machine which helps with exercising your pelvic core muscles and assists you to strengthen muscles controlling incontinence both bowel and urinary

Hidden in reply to MaggieJemima

It's an electronic pelvic muscle toner and I was advised to get one by my CR consultant.

I had a lot of bloating and gas which I knew were down to incomplete bowel evacuation. A defecating proctogram revealed a moderate rectocele and slight intussusception which were the places where bms were getting stuck.

By strengthening my pelvic floor, my problems have been reduced by about 90% and are still improving.

Hi Gemini :)

What works for me whenever I have gotten a UTI is to drink 2 tablespoons of a good brand of Apple Cider Vinegar poured into a half cup of luke warm water... I add 1 teaspoon of honey...I would drink this three times a day....and then keep drinking water until you almost slosh instead of walk!

Also I take Nature's Way "Kidney/Bladder" capsules which have 4 herbs in it that are very healing. Not sure if you have that brand in the UK or not, but I am sure you have something equal and similar. Good luck!!


PS: oh yes, the hardest part (for me!) is not drinking COFFEE for a few days... :(

Gemini71 in reply to BettyA

Thank you Betty, Do you know who I am?

BettyA in reply to Gemini71

Yes indeedy do dah!!!! :) Hello!!

Gemini71 in reply to BettyA

There you go memory just fine.Haha.

Change underwear frequently

Wads without soap or use baby soap

Wear loose cotton

Take cranberry capsule daily


Last year I had about 4 uti's one after another although when my sample went to the lab it came clear have you been to urology ?if you are having a lot of infections you should be seen I had a cystoscopy and nothing was found,it turns out it was endometriosis causing my problem.

If you go to the Kathryn marsden wedsite there's a good bit about uti's and how to treat them if antibiotics don't work,there is also a product called waterfall which is said to be really good,it have used it and had no further trouble.

All the best


Don't take the antibiotics!! They will kill all your good bacteria. Create yeast infection and diarrhea and worse.

I shake my head everytime they offer it to me and they look at me like I'm crazy but they are conventional doctors who make money off these and don't really care about the symptoms.

Best bet. Take colloidal silver, turmeric, strong probiotics, green tea, garlic orally and suppository. (These are all natures antibiotics)

Gemini71 in reply to Franjanu

Hi,I have been having Tumeric in coconut milk and Manuka honey,but I've only just began so I don't know the effects yet, but thank you.

Gemini71 in reply to Gemini71

Oh and no fear of me taking antibiotics if I can help it. They've caused me enough damage.

Try grapefruit seed extract. You can take up to 15 drops 3 times a day in a glass of water. It's a natural antibiotic, antifungal and antimicrobial.

Gemini71 in reply to Firinne

Sorry I can't have grapefruit in any shape or form,because of other meds I take. But thank you for the post

Firinne in reply to Gemini71

I have tied to find out for myself whether grapefruit seed extract is contraindicated for the thyroid medication I take and I there are conflicting reports on the internet. I understand you wouldn't want to risk it but I have decided to believe this one :)

Obviously, I am not saying it is safe, just that I was pretty desperate and decided to risk it, no way would I advise anyone else, especially as there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer, well, not that I can find by Googling..

Touch wood, so far I have had no ill effects. I actually take gse for diverticula problems - I take 10 drops daily in a glass of water as a sort of 'maintenance' dose and I have a friend who takes it for urinary tract infections. Worth a try for people who aren't on regular medication, perhaps.

Good luck to you, I do sympathise, the pain from bowel/bladder issues can be awful, as I know only too well.

Hi Sam,I've just rang my GP,and they say the UTI ,I have is Escherichia Coli,

Which I guess is E.coli. Now I am worried because I was told there's only a few anti biopics that clear it up. And I've had 4 up to now but I can't tolerate them. The pain I have is already getting worse. From what I've just been reading it starts in the bowel.

I am now getting frightened,any suggestions.

I've actually ordered some D- Mannose,and it's coming today,but looking back when this was first found out,it seems it was 14Dec so we're talking nearly 3mths without treatment,and my Stomack pain is now getting unbearable.

So I went and spoke with my pharmacist this morning,he is really helpful with me,he says I've wasted my money on D-Mannose,and antibiotics are the only way to kill it.

He did explain all the ins and outs. So it looks like I'll have to go down that road. And bite my

i suffer from urine infection regular and it the side affects wiv antibioctics bad stomach and antibiotics are e only way to get rid of infection some antibiotics dont work wiv some infection but keep wiv the meds


Listen here Gemini71...please do not take any more antibiotics. ..they kill all your flora that your tummy needs...

I would also get yourself the RAW probiotic. ..all of the ingredients are safe for IBS sufferers. it is not protein's vegetable based...get the 50,000,000,000,000 one...take 1 a'll feel them doing their very important job sort of speak...this is so important...if you took any antibiotics.... that killed all your much needed good bacteria as well as the the is the vitamin C doing for your pain?


Hello, you have a bacterial infection. I know this is contrary to what others are saying but only an antibiotic will kill the bacterium once they have multiplied and travelled from your urethra to your actual bladder. If you catch it early, when bacterium is only in the urethra I believe cranberry and other such things can help flush it out, but once the infection has travelled to your blade you need an antibiotic. Can you take a gravol prior to the antibiotic to keep it down?

As soon as your infection has cleared up, you can start taking a probiotic to help restablish your gut flor that the antibiotic will wipe out.

I have had bladder surgery and have had many bladder infections because of it.

hibiscus capsules, work same as cranberry juice but may give different results

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